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Fun in Paris

14 to 17 May

After two weeks full of holidays we got back to a mostly of a normal schedule this week. I was back at work and Jer was back to all of his classes as well as his increase in running.

We did however get to enjoy some time in Paris as well.

Wednesday Jer met me and our friend Becca at Experimental Cocktail Club for some post work drinks. Jer had been before, but I never had and have been wanting to go for some time now. It was really nice catching up with her.

Thursday evening was also quite fun as a group of us got together and went to Taste of Paris at Grand Palais which was festival where most of the Michelin Star restaurants from Paris gather and provide tapas size plates for everyone to enjoy and try. This is a great way to try even 3 Michelin Star restaurants food at a significant less portion and cost. We all definitely took advantage of this and ate A LOT of food before calling it a night.

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