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28 to 30 May

28 May

We said our goodbyes this morning as unfortunately it was back to being a normal day here for us. I headed out at my normal time, while Jer helped them get ready and then get an Uber to the airport.

Jer did his normal teaching in the afternoon and then later in the evening we met at La Favorite, over in the Marais, because Liz and Brandon (our friends that we have talked about before) asked us to meet so we could enjoy some happy hour drinks because they were in town visiting. It was quite the warm day today so sitting outside seemed ideal, however thanks to it being spring the warmth brought quite the strong thunderstorm with it just as I was arriving from work.

We enjoyed drinks outside on the terrace for a while, and even got to spend some more time with Lucas as Whitney and Steve were also there, and eventually made our way inside for dinner too.

Tonight definitely ended up being late for a “school night”, but it was a lot of fun and much needed.

29-30 May

Feels strange writing this with all the commotion lately, but two quite ordinary days for us under normal working conditions.

Jer did get a bit excited about one thing on Wednesday as while he was walking to his one school he saw Rafa Nadal practicing on one of the side courts at Roland Garros.

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