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22 to 24 May

22 May

Back to work today for both of us while also trying to get some laundry done and make a stop at the store in order to pick up a few necessities and some things for our next arrivals tomorrow.

23 May

This morning was full of work, finishing cleaning up the house, and another trip to the supermarket as Carrie and Rory arrive later this afternoon!

After working from home this morning, and helping get the rest of the house ready, Jer left to go teach while I headed out to Orly to pick up Carrie and Rory.

We took an Uber back to the apartment and met Jer now that he was finished teaching. After enjoying our typical welcome spread and getting them settled in Jer went out for a run while we let Carrie and Rory relax a bit.

After continuing to relax and enjoy some wine we were all ready for dinner. Instead of trying to head to any of our typical cafes, or any of the restaurants around, we decided to head down to a place we hadn’t been to in a while, Guinguette La Javelle, which is a bar down along the river that we can walk to from our apartment. It also has street food stands so we could try a bunch of different foods while having some drinks and enjoying the weather even more along the river.

Eventually we called it a night and made the walk back to the apartment, but not before taking a well timed selfie while the Eiffel Tower was sparkling.

24 May

Even with friends here today still was a typical day for me as I had meetings at the office all day. Jer also had some work to do so while he got that done at home Carrie and Rory went out and did a few things they wanted to do around Paris.

Jer went for a run mid-afternoon before he had to go teach one of his former students at Starbucks.

Eventually after we all finished out different activities we met at Invalides because tonight was a picnic night! The reason for tonight’s picnic was to celebrate Mike and Jeff’s 1 year anniversary of moving to Paris. As usual with our picnics we had a great time and ended up staying until almost midnight!

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