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12 April 2016

Day 3, house hunting, dear lord, this was trying.

We started our day with croissants, jam and coffee at Linas (which does not disappoint, but I think we my try a different place tomorrow, I can only eat so much bread).

We went to the metro at Pereire – Levallois, which they only had one monthly pass. So the nice man behind the counter told us to come back later, which was odd but OK. We then bought a ten ticket pass, very similar to the Philly metro with a ten ticket pass but each ticket comes out as an individual, not in a packet.

We then took the metro to meet our real estate agent, Anne, who was assigned to us through Cartus, With her, throughout the day, we saw 8 apartments, with the assistance of the listing agents. Of the 8, we widdled it down to 3. I was a hard process, where each apartment did not meet all the needs on our list. I will save the apartment we choose for a later post (not to jinx anything).

After the marathon day of apartment hunting, I took a much needed sieste. Then we took a walk back to the metro at Pereire – Levallois around 18:00 to get our monthly train passes. The guy behind the counter (who was different than the guy in the AM was hysterical). We asked the standard ‘Parlez-vous anglais’ and he said ‘Parlez-vous Latin, Arabic, French, Spanish, no English’ with a huge smile on his face. We were able to get our monthly metro passes which are good for the RER (like the regional rail in Philly) metro, buses AND bike sharing. The bike sharing came as a surprise. I have never cared for biking, so we will see how much we use that aspect. We also found out, that there are photo booths in most main metro stations that you can take 5 photos for 5 Euros to put in your monthly or weekly passes.  We also found out there is a 5 euro fee for the metro card (because it never expires) and you have to reload your monthly by the 3rd of the month.

We then took a walk around our neighborhood. At this point, it was around 19:45 and PSG played Man City in a football match in the Champions League Quarter Final at 20:45. We found a restaurant called La Place on the Place du Marechal Juin (where the Pereire metro station is also located). It was fabulous. They were showing the football match so we got there early and luckily got seats as most of the place had reservations. We started with beers, 1664 for Jer and I had a Tango which is 1664 with red syrup. Then as the place filled in, the table next to us ordered a beer called Grimbergen White. This is now my all time favorite beer. It is a mix of Blue Moon and Leinenkugel Sunset Wheat. I included a picture below. Unfortunately, PSG did not win, but the atmosphere was amazing at the pub. Going out for games will be something that we both look forward to.

– Kasey
Step count: 16,965, 8.15 miles

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