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juste un autre mardi

19 April 2016

Today was a normal day at the office. But guess what, it did not rain today! It was absolutely beautiful.

When I got off the RER-C at Pereire after a long day at work, it was stunning out. There is a park on my walk home, on Boulevard Pereire. I sauntered through the park enjoying the smell of the tulips and the archways covered in rose bushes, which have yet to bloom. I can only imagine that once the roses bloom, the smell will be intoxicating. I took a little longer than normal to get home as this will be likely my last walk through this park as we move to our permanent flat tomorrow.

When I got home, we decided not to cook and found a quaint Italian restaurant, La Familgia, just down the street from our temporary flat. The food was exquisite. Per the menu, the Chef is from Naples and learned at a young age how to make his own pasta from his mother. He makes all the pasta for the restaurant by hand, and it shows. Also, they brought out some complimentary tasting items, including bruschetta, what I believe was a tomato corn bread, and the icing on the cake was fried dough and dark chocolate. Definetely a wonderful final meal in the 17th.

We strolled home enjoying the night air. Once home we did a little packing before turning in for the night. Tomorrow is moving day. Stay tuned for flat pictures!

– Kasey
Step Count: 6,503, 3.00 Miles

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