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quatre jours

21 – 24 April 2016

We have had an action packed few days:


Today was a normal Thursday at work. However, I had plans to go out with a client contact after work to say farewell to my colleague. We started a bar called Royal Pereire then ending up making our way to Il Ristorante which was an amazing hole in the wall Italian restaurant. We then made our way to another bar. Needless to say, Friday was going to be a long day.

Step Count: 5,994, 2.73 miles


I slept in a little later than normal and then made my way to the office. I have to take the train and then the bus. I must say the buses are much nicer than in the US. After work, Jer met me and we went to the grocery store to cook dinner. Monoprix closed at 20:00 and it was 19:30 so we figured we had plenty of time. We were shocked that half the store was already shut down and we were rushing through to get the fixings for dinner. We stayed in for the rest of the night relaxing,

Step Count: 12,026, 5.61 miles


We walked all over the city today. We got up earlier after a good nights sleep and headed out for some shopping. We need some terrace furniture, hangers, a hair dryer and I wanted to go to the market. We started at the Marché couvert Passy, which is the covered market in Passy, to get fresh fruits and veggies. I was bummed because the stand that pre-makes chicken was not open. We got what we needed for the week then went looking for furniture and hangers. This was almost impossible. I think we’re going to end up renting a car and heading out to Ikea.

We then dropped off the food at home and took the metro to BHV. BHV, is like the Macy’s/Nordstrom/Bloomingdale’s of Paris. It isn’t as fancy as the Galleries Lafayette and they do have items on sale. Also if you show your US Passport, you automatically get 10% off. We walked around for a bit and I ended up (finally) buying a hair dryer, as well as my first purchase to make me look French, leather booties. They are beautiful and will come in handy with all this rain.

After shopping, we went back outside and walked around the Hotel de Ville, which was gorgeous, even on a colder, overcast day. Hotel de Ville, is city hall for Paris. They also have a beautiful carousel outside, that is just picture perfect, which I couldn’t resist.

We then realized we were not far from Notre Dame. So we walk over to the church. I will never again go by Notre Dame on the weekend. Holy tourists. It was as breathtakingly beautiful as I remember but we kept getting bumped into by tourists so we headed out, but first a photo op.

We made our way home to drop off our bags and relax for a little bit. There was a PSG match on that night, so when we were out in the AM we scoped out to Cafes that have TVs. We ended up at Brasserie Aéro. Since they were playing for the Coupe de la Ligue title we figured it would be quite a night, but the atmosphere was not the same as the bar we went to last time, but the game was on and the beer and food was pretty good. I was drinking Edelweiss and Jer (his now normal) 1664. Thankfully, PSG won! Winning their record 6th Coupe de la Ligue title (next closest team now with half as many!) and keeping hopes alive of sweeping all of the French tropies this season. We headed home to get up Sunday to try to find a church.

Step Count: 17,701, 7.97 miles


We ended up going to the American Church in Paris. It was stunning. The organ had to be 4 stories tall and there was enough stained glass for 4 churches. Not going lie, I took pictures like a total tourist. There are not many places to go in Paris where mass is presented in English. This church was an interdenominational service which stuck to a very simplistic message that would transcend different religious beliefs, which was a refreshing change. And there was no kneeling. Mass started at 11, there was a baptism, a visiting pastor who gave at least a 30 minute homily. a full choir, a bells section but no communion (they only have communion once a month at the 11 o’clock mass). Needless to say, we didn’t leave until 12:45. We may go back next week or try to find a Catholic Church.

We headed home to see if we could still catch some of the open market, but we were too late, it closed at 13:00. We headed home to grab food at Mavrommátis, which is below our apartment. This place is dangerous. They have high quality Greek food from olives and hummus to spanakopita. I have a feeling we will be eating many meals from here.

We then relaxed for a little bit before heading out to bowling with the Crown team in honor of my colleague who is heading back to the US. I must say, bowling is not very popular in Paris, but we had a great time at Bowling de Champerret. 3 games later, I was in the middle of the pack with scores and Jer was going for the W.

We then headed home to get ready for the week ahead. Hopefully next weekend is a bit warmer and dryer.

Step Count: 11,207, 4.93 miles

Things I learned this week:
1) So many people smoke, that’s one reason why there is so much outside seating
2) You can get fined 60 Euros for littering with your cigarette butt
3) There is dog shit everywhere
4) There is pigeon shit everywhere there isn’t dog shit
5) Dodging shit is like dodging raindrops

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