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29 April 2016

Today started out like any normal work day, with one special caviot, I was getting my French phone (finally). I was getting an iPhone, which I have never owned. An email was sent from IT (in french) to come at noon to get your phone. I went down and there were about 15 people to get their phones and set them up. The IT guy started talking in french and I’m pretty sure he saw my eyes glaze over. So he said come back at 4 and we will set up my phone, in English together. By the end of the day I had my phone!

Jer spent most of his day dealing with bank, which was a huge debacle.

I met Jer at home and we decide it was time to try a new restaurant in our neighborhood. We decided on Kura, which is Japanese restaurant. It did not disappoint. I had miso soup, a salad with some sort of beef that had the perfect ginger dressing and 12, yes 12, pieces of nigiri, this was topped off by ice cream. Jer had asparagus soup (which had a soft cooked egg in it), sashimi, and chicken fondue which tasted like the inside of a chicken dumpling, which was completed with not 1 but 2 desserts (because when he asked if we wanted dessert we both said yes however he forgot that Jer’s meal came with a special paired dessert), a green tea million leave cake and mochi which is a tradition Japanese dessert. Jer loved it. We will definitely be going back.

We then came home and relaxed because we have a busy Saturday ahead.

Step Count:13,341, 6.09 miles

30 April 2016

We have now learned that we need to go to the market on Saturday morning each week. I love the market, I think it is my favorite thing to do on the weekend. We got all our produce for the week and we got our first chicken. They are made on spigots and make the whole market smell so good, your mouth waters. The chicken did not disappoint.

After we dropped off the groceries at home, we headed for Leroy Merlin which is a mix between Lowe’s and a store that has home good items, but not on the same level as Ikea. We were told to go there to get cheap hangers, which we were in desperate need of. We were able to pick up a few other items (we needed trash cans for the bathroom and a recycling bin) and then we headed home on the metro with our spoils.

We had some time before dinner with work colleagues, so Jer worked out and I, well, went shopping. We are not far from Rue de Passy, which is a street of shops. I went out to get a candle and a spoon rest at Monoprix and the ended up wandering around. I stopped in Masimmo Dutti, it is dangerous how close this store is to us. There was a sale (!) so I spent some time there and ended up getting a cute black shirt (surprise, surprise).

Once I got home, we got ready to head out for the night. We had dinner and drinks to celebrate my colleague who was heading back to the US. We went to a restaurant called Fish, which is in the 6th arrondissement. It was also, amazing, I had a fish ceviche and lamb that was cooked perfectly. Jer, ironically, got the same meal.

We then headed to Cafe Gustuave, which is in the 7th arrondissement for drinks with more colleagues. In french style, someone called ahead to make a reservation for the party of 15, but no tables were put together. We look up a lot of space and we had a blast.

Just before midnight, we headed for the Eiffel tower to watch it twinkle. Someone brought two bottles of wine, which we cracked open, and toasted at midnight. It was awesome.

We then went to another bar (which the name is escaping me) before heading home, which we timed perfectly to get the last metro of the night.

Action packed day for sure.

Step Count: 15,308, 6.88 miles

1 May 2016

Jer and I slept in (more me than him) after our marathon day. But this was the first absolutely beautiful day since we moved.

We ended up meeting colleagues arond 15:30 in Jardin des Tuileries by the Musuee de l’Orangerie to play Petanque. It is similar to bocce but better (sorry to those out there who are bocce lovers). There is a very small ball that is thrown. Then the team who threw the marker goes first. The teams then alternate to get closest to the marker. So if team 1 gets really close, team 2 could throws all the balls before team 1 throws again. Then you count the teams ball that are closest to the other teams balls for points. So if team 1 has 3 balls that are closer to the marker then team 2s first ball, team 1 gets 3 points. You play to 15 (or 12, we couldn’t remember). Needless to say, the guys got super serious and were also strategizing a little to much for my liking. You can see the meeting of the minds in the picture below.

We then came home to relax. We got HBO and watched Vacation, which was hysterical. When we turned it off and back to cable, Singing in the Rain was on. Just in time for Good Morning and Singing in the Rain. It was a sign and a perfect way to end the weekend.

Looking forward to my 3 day work week thanks to the Ascension day on Thursday.

Also, as a side note, today was a holiday in France. It is the same as US Labor day. But since it falls on a Sunday, no extra days off.

Step Count: 7,177, 3.09 miles

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