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15 May 2016

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the Chateau de Sully. But there was one downside, ants.

Ugh, I HATE ants. They are just annoying. Spiders are scary and warrant room changes when in large numbers. But spiders don’t travel in packs. Ants are just annoying and they are small and get in everything. Also, this was a really mild winter in France so there wasn’t a hard freeze to kill off all the bugs. It’s going to be a fun, buggy, summer.

With our trip out to Normandy, I had some peanut M&Ms. I didn’t finish my bag so I saved a few for the next day. So I rolled the open corner over and put them back in my bag. Bad idea. There had to have been 100 ants in our room on Sunday morning. They were everywhere. In my bag (which was an essential life line) in clothing, shoes, and on the chair. I’m making a disgusted/grossed out face just writing this.

This was also not in our planned timeline, which caused us to start our day a little later than expected. But it all worked out.

See Normandy post for our day of activities.

After finishing up our day of touring in Normandy, we want back to Bayeux for dinner. We walked around a little bit trying to figure out our options. We ended up eating at LaGarde Manger, which had really nice outside seating. The local food in Normandy is amazing and that also extended to their local drink of choice, cider. We started dinner with a local cheese (Camembert) and local cured meat (like mix between salami and ham). Jer had a steak and frites and I had mussels in Normandy sauce (cheese and mushrooms) with frites. I love that everything comes with frites. The presentation between the cider and mussels just made it picture worthy.

We then headed back to the chateau early (keep in mind the sun sets at like 22:00). I’m pretty sure I passed out mid conversation with Jer. One more day of vacation tomorrow, thanks to Whit Monday.

– Kasey

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