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Nourriture et le football

4 to 7 July 2016

This week was a pretty normal week of work for me but I kept my nights busy since Jer was not home.

4 July

It is really weird not being in the US chanting ‘Merica, eating burgers, hot dogs and potato salad by a pool or the beach. Well, we had our own 4th. Jer decided it would be a good idea to wear his US soccer jersey all day (insert eye roll). Once I got home from work, I put on my American flag t-shirt and cooked up some burgers. They were not as good as the ones back home, since I had to make them  in a pan as opposed to a grill but they will do.

Happy Birthday USA – love France.

5 July

This morning Jer set off to met Nick G. in Milan. Guess Paris wasn’t good enough for him. Psh. Jer is writing another post of the fun he had getting to Milan.

Since Jer is out of town, I was invited to go out to dinner with some colleagues from work. We headed to L’Aller Retour which had fabulous beof. I had a nice piece of meat from Argentina. Nice way to fill up my night and stomach.

6 July

In France, they have big sales twice a year called “Soldes” the sale prices are set (so if you buy something from the store versus department store, its guaranteed to be the same price). I decided to do a little pre-birthday shopping and found Tory Burch in Paris. This is dangerous. I also headed over the the Champs Elysees. Overall, I got home at a reasonable hour to relax and (finally) figured out how to watch TV shows in English.

7 July

Today after work I met up with some girlfriends at Le Baron Rouge, a wine bar. It had an amazing atmosphere and cheap wine.

After we polished off a bottle of Rose, we headed to met some of the guys (no Jer since he was still in Milan) to watch the France v. Germany semifinal Euro match. We ended up at a bar by Bastille (which I do not remember the name). But it was packed and sweaty and hot. But we had a amazing time cheering France on and they got the WIN! Here are some videos to get the full understanding:

After the first goal
Goal 2!
Officially a win!
In the streets after

After the match, some lovely French fans were setting off fireworks in the street. The only thing that was awful was at the Trocadero stop I could not get out because there were so many people trying to get through the station from the Fan zone and onto the train. So I had to go a round about way home. But I made it!

Now, off to Brussels tomorrow with Jer to celebrate 29 with beer and chocolate!

– Kasey

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