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La semaine avant les vacances commence

25 to 28 July

This is a very interesting week of work. Europe shuts down in August. Like literally they paper the windows and head to the south. So this week is a mix of count down to vacation and getting all the items off your to-do list to leave your computer at home. On a side note, Europeans do not take their computer on vacation.

Other than our typical grocery store runs and a few other special trips the one thing we made sure to do this week was to stop by the stores in the area to check on the last few days of the Soldes here. We were told that some stores right at the end have the best deals as they are trying to get rid of stock and prepare to put new stuff on the shelves. Although we didn’t find anything while walking around at the stores Jer did find his first European suit, cut extra slim of course. He had found a suit color he really liked while at Sandro, however since it was the end of the Soldes they didn’t have a size that would fit. Now that we are talking about sizes there is another issue for shopping with certain stores over here. Sizes are way different and the size charts they provide aren’t always all that helpful. Jer did the best he could with the size of the suit online since they had sizes that seemed at least close to correct and of course made sure of free returns and free delivery (please note this was all in French so thankfully our’s is getting a little better). I was able to find a bunch of stuff online at my favorite store (Massimo Dutti) as well with free delivery (to the store) and free returns so we both did some damage that evening.

We also got ready for the week ahead. I was heading back to the states on Friday and Jer was staying in Europe.

Overall an underwhelming week of hurry up and wait.


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