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2 to 7 November

2 to 4 November

After our time in Dubai, we are settling into a (few) days of normality. Work, dinner, sleep and of course, lots of laundry.

5 November

This morning we were up early. I mean before 6am early. We got an Uber to Orly airport for our next adventure.

After a quick hour and 30 minute flight, we were at the Nice airport in the south of France. After a 30 minute taxi to Riviera Marriott Hotel La Porte de Monaco, we were ready to spend the weekend in Moncao. And the view from the balcony was beautiful.

We then started to walk around the city, and well country. It was a bit of a dreary/misting/rainy day but we knew that and came prepared. We found our way to a small market, that was both outdoors and covered and got a quick bite to eat. We then walked up to the Princes Palace (literally up, it was one heck of a climb). Since we got into Monaco so early, we were able to see the changing of guard just before noon.

Nice little lunch.
The main marina area.
Rain won’t stop us!

We then made our way through one of the many Gardens in Monaco to the Saint Nicholas Cathedral, which was stunning. We also said hello to our fellow Philly girl, Grace Kelly.

Since the weather was so, well, wet, we decided to go to the Musee Oceanographique de Monaco (Monaco’s aquarium). We spent hours in the aquarium taking in all the wildlife and facts (written in French and English).

Full size wale skeleton!

We then made our way back to the hotel, where we decided (Jer strong armed me into it) to go the the AS Monaco football (soccer) match. The tickets were 15 euros! Can’t beat that for a Ligue 1 match! Not going to lie, we had a blast. The stadium was a concrete fortress that was a stone’s throw from our hotel. And there were maybe four concession stands that thankfully sold snacks and beer. AS Monaco blew out the competition. So there was lots of cheering for the home team!

After the match we went back to the hotel and then walked through one of the smaller ports at night. The views were amazing up into the rest of the city. We were starting to get hungry and decided to try a place call Moshi Moshi. It was AMAZING. It was a sushi fusion with french food. I don’t know how else to explain it. We luckily got 2 seats at the sushi bar so could watch all the food being made. If we are ever back in Monaco, we will be eating here again.

Back up the mountain.
The princes palace from below.

Step Count: 22,311, 15.9km

6 November

Today, we had a nice relaxing morning, including a walk down to the pebbled beach by our hotel. Not a bad view.

Then we switched hotels to the Columbus Hotel. We were not in Monaco just for fun, I had to be there first thing Monday morning for work, so we decided to make a weekend out of it.

View from our new hotel.

After settling into our new hotel we walked along the port again and stopped for oysters and white wine (for me) as well as a croque monsieur and beer (for Jer). I was in food heaven. This is my perfect meal. And the view out of port just made it that much better.

We then headed to a Market/Goods sale in circus looking building. And the inside was like a circus as well. It was basically a garage sale for the country of Monaco under one roof. We did one lap and we were out of there.

We then started a very long walk past main marina to Casino Monte Carlo. We paid to get in and Jer took a few spins on the Roulette table. I hung back and watched. I could only imagine what this place is like for a black tie event. It is everything James Bond made it look to be.

We then went across the round about to sneak into Hotel de Paris. Where after walking in like we owned the joint, took a sneaky picture, we were approached and asked if we were staying at the hotel. Which we were not. So we left.

For Jer to get his fill of actual gambling, we went to the Casino Cafe de Paris which was maybe 30 feet from the Casino Monte Carlo. Jer played some black jack while I sat at a bar for some cafe and pastries to people watch.

We then started another long walk back during sunset past the Marina. Jer may or may not have jumped a gate to get this amazing picture.

Since it was Sunday night, we found an English pub to watch American Football, Ship and Castle and to have a light dinner.

Step Count: 16,604, 11.5km

7 November

So today was back to work for me. The real reason we were hear was for me to teach training’s on US audit policies and procedures. I went to the local office with my colleagues. After training, I met back up with Jer at the hotel to then get a cab to the airport.

But before, the view from the balcony of our hotel made it hard to leave.

While I was working, unlike in Dubai Jer did not go golfing, but shopping. He picked up a football jersey at the AS Monaco store and some Grand Prix swag.

We then boarded our quick flight and were back in Paris!

– Kasey

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