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1 to 3 April

1 April

Today we celebrated Jer’s birthday with friends. Coincidentally, one of the guys was born a day apart from Jer. So we celebrated them both with a cigar and mimosa brunch, that also had bloody mary’s introduced into it. The weather was in our favor so we were able to enjoy our drinks and food outside on the terrace. For brunch I made breakfast tacos, a veggie frittata and a french toast casserole. All were crowd pleasers! Well the brunch ended up turning into a late evening. Because, why not!

Somehow, Jer was able to stay up after all that for the National Semifinal UNC v. Oregon until 3am. At least UNC won.

2 April

Since Jer was up so late last night, we did a whole lot of nothing today. Sometimes you just need a day to lounge around the apartment in your PJs.

3 April

Today was a normal work day for me. But it is Jer’s 32nd Birthday! Since we have been celebrating his birthday over the last 2 weekends, we stayed in tonight.

Tonight was the UNC v. Gonzaga National Championship game. We went to bed a little earlier because of this. However, Jer’s alarm went off at 3:15am to watch. And low and behold, UNC wins!!!! (Side note, I slept the alarm and the cheering)

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