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2 to 7 May

2 to 4 May

Today was Jer’s first day of classes at Alliance Francaise!

After being here for a little over a year and my self teaching of French not going quite as well as I would like it we decided taking classes would be a good idea. I was able to find a class that was 3 hours a day 3 days a week so for at least the next month Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday mornings I will be back in school. Having class on those days enabled it not to interfere with any holidays we had planned either.

I went early in order to get my welcome packet and my book for my first day. I had to take a test initially and I tested into A1.2 which is basically the second level of their class structure. They have A1 through C2 until you are considered fully fluent. B1 is the level you must reach to be considered conversational.

It was truly strange to be back in classes again now 5 years after getting my masters, but it didn’t take me long to realize that this class is really going to help me advance my French skills quickly.

We are getting into routine of laundry and running errands, but now only after classes.

5 to 7 May

Cinco de Mayo!!!! Last year we tried to just go and have dinner at Anahuacalli, but we couldn’t get in. This year I made reservations in advance. The food was wonderful and it was the first dinner we spoke to each other in only French! This was mostly because we had a very obnoxious American sitting next to us and we didn’t want to be pulled into the conversation. He was very stereotypical and made me sad that he was furthering the idea that so many people have in their heads about Americans. You can’t win them all I guess.

On Saturday, we could only get room for one haircut Saturday, so I called dibs.

Later that night we walked over to the cinema to see Fast & Furious 8! These movies always take me back in time.

Then on Sunday Morning, Jer was giving me a hard time about washing the dishes and getting water on the floor. I swore I hadn’t touched the sink, since he did the dishes last night, and I haven’t touched the sink today. We opened up the cabinet under the sink to find WATER EVERYWHERE!!! It was horrible. We emailed our landlord and proceeded to turn off the water to the kitchen. This means 1) limited cooking/dish washing by bringing in water from the bathroom (2 separate water sources, thank god) 2) no dish washer and 3) most importantly, no washing machine. Happy Sunday!

Also, May 7th was the second round of the presidential election. This started with a French media blackout on Friday night at midnight. This means all media outlets, paper, TV, radio, internet could NOT talk about the election other than the updates on Sunday at noon, 5 and 8. At 8 pm they announced that Marcon Wins!!!!!!!

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