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26 June to 5 July

26 to 30 June

Another pretty normal week in Paris with a few changes.

Jer went out with friends after class Tuesday for sushi.

We hadn’t been out in a while after class and so Jenny, Katherine and I decided why not grab some lunch today. Funny story here in Paris there are two cat cafes, yes that is right “cat” cafes where you can go and have lunch with cats walking around. I had heard them mention this before and since I was missing our cats I figured, why not. We had checked and only one was open this afternoon so we made our way to what we thought was the right one, but unfortunately I lead us astray and to the closed one. We did however get to see the cats through the window. After we decided to not try to make our way to the other one across town and there was a nice sushi place around the corner that we enjoyed.

After we were done lunch I needed to make my way to the travel agents office to pay for our trip to South Africa now that we have everything we need to be able to go. Finding the place was not the easiest since it was tucked back away from the street, but the ladies there were amazingly helpful and we got everything taken care of.

On Wednesday I went to Switzerland for a few days. But the way I had to book the tickets, Jer had to come with me to Gare de Lyon to print the ticket. Now I know better. I always enjoy business trips, but solo ones can be a bit boring at night. Good thing for work and WiFi! This time I took the train both ways which can be nice. On the way to Zug, I was able to get 4+ hours of work in. However, on the way back I was in the 4 seater with a family. Needless to say, I played cards, drew pictures, played with trains for 4+ hours.

After I got back from Switzerland Friday night we headed to the movies to see Wonder Woman. It absolutely lived up to the hype.

1 to 2 July

This weekend we laid low. We had our normal Saturday morning shopping followed by some additional shopping on Sunday.

3 to 5 July

Another start to a normal week. However, with the 4th of July we made burgers and wore our red, white and blue.


Jer also got my haircut on the 4th again making it a trend. At least this time he did not get turned away because of what he was wearing (USA Football jersey).

We finished my short work week and packed for Annecy to celebrate my big 30th birthday.

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