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10 to 13 July

10 July

Today Jer was back to class and I was back at work in the morning. After class Jer had to do a big quick clean of the house.

A few friends from the states were in Paris on vacation and stopped by. We enjoyed wine on the balcony before heading to dinner at l’Aero.


11 to 13 July

The rest of week normal until Thursday. For South Africa we needed to go to the doctor to get prescriptions for malaria medicine. This was the first time we have been to the general doctor. We found a guy not too far from us that takes our Carte Vital as well as payment by card and speaks English. Ironically finding an English speaking doctor was easy but finding someone who took bank cards as payment, was very difficult. We gave our medical history and got a quick check up before taking our malaria pills and Hepatitis A shot prescriptions with us. Yes you read that right, we got a prescription for a shot.

After the doctor we stopped at Darty to buy an external battery for South Africa.

We also ran some errands to get stuff for our now annual Bastille Day party tomorrow!

Our last errand was to stop at the pharmacy to get our shots and malaria pills. We cleared the pharmacy out of pills and they had to order more for us to come back to get Saturday. Also, the pills are expensive. Per the French medical plan, they would rather pay to treat malaria then prevent it. We got our shots too which we are now supposed to go back to the doctor to administer. But in the mean time, they will stay chilled in the fridge, next to the eggs.

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