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Excitement in the air!

24 to 26 July

After being in 3 countries in 7 days, we tried to make this week as normal as possible, but we are just getting very excited for our big August trip!

After Jer’s class and work for me on Monday we started to pack up and make a list of last minute needs.

Tuesday after class for Jer stopped at Darty after we had finally narrowed down some cameras to buy. This was a very painful process (for me), just kidding – love you Jer.

Then Jer headed home to clean because we had invited people over tonight to drink/eat the leftover wine/food since we were leaving for almost 3 weeks. We wanted to clean out the fridge and wine left from Bastille Day!

Then after much craziness, Jer finally pulled the trigger and bought our skinny new camera! But this meant he had to walk back across the river to Darty again.

We both finally got home for good around the same time and had a fun night with everyone!

Wednesday was a day of last minute purchases and panic.

We needed to head to Monoprix and the pharmacy for sunscreen and bug spray, and not just any bug spray, it had to be malaria mosquito bug spray!

Jer got a last minute haircut in the afternoon (I mean we were going to be gone for 3 weeks)

Then once I was home, it was time to officially finishing packing!

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