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16 to 25 August

16 to 18 August

When we got off the metro yesterday it felt weird and I couldn’t put my finger on why then I realized this is because there is barely any noise. The city is so quite in August.

Now that were are back in Paris we need to try to get ourselves back on schedule. Including getting food and coffee, plus a doing a ton of laundry.

Once we were back in Paris, we got some sad news that my Grandmother was very sick and not sure how much longer she would be around. Thanks to some amazing family friends we were somehow able to get a flight within just hours back to Philly on buddy passes for a long weekend.

19 August

We were up early to head to the airport and hopefully get on a flight. My mind was such a pile of mush that when I went to buy coffee and a snack and I almost left my wallet at the counter. Thankfully, the person behind me noticed and yelled to me to come back.

Thank god there were a few seats left and we got on the flight. We landed in Newark and were back in Bethlehem by 5pm.

We then went to see Grammy for a while with the family.


20 August

This morning we were up at the crack of dawn (thanks to jet lag) and then we went to the mall with sisters in the morning. We grabbed Chipotle for lunch before heading to Grammy’s for the afternoon.

After a few hours, we went with Kelsey to her job. She has the coolest job ever and we got to see some of the animals she takes care of and even feed them! Check out Walt eating a cockroach!

We then went to Gilbert’s in the evening and saw them and Chupa (after his bachelor party)! It was also wonderful to see Abby too and I think I read over 50 books to her! She is growing up too fast.

21 August

This morning we picked up a few things we needed at Elias and Target that we miss while in Paris, including peanut butter that doesn’t cost a fortune.

We then stopped at Grammy’s one last time and then went to Wegmans for lunch.

Today was also the day of the eclipse! Since we didn’t have the proper glasses we had to improvise, but thanks to Cheerios we were able to see it!


Laurie picked us up around 3:30pm to head towards Newark for our return flight but we first stopped at Trattoria Bolu on the way for an early dinner.

Since we were flying on buddy passes, we had some concern about standby again, but no issues we both got on and both in business this time!

22 August

About 72 hours after we left we landed back at CDG around 10am and were home by noon with more laundry to do! It never ends!

23 to 25 August

We have visitors coming this weekend so need to get things together and I needed to get some work done.

On Thursday night we hung out with Liz and Brandon as they showed us their favorite place to sit along the Seine close to there place. It was wonderful to watch the sunset and people tango on the opposite bank of the river.

Then on Friday night we finally went to our first PSG match! We were suppose to go with the Testa’s but the game was changed from Saturday to Friday while they would be in the air on their way here. So Jenny and Pierre joined us! It was one of Neymar’s first games since they signed him, and PSG even won! Oh and I almost forgot Steph Curry was out on the field being honored before the match!

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