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28 September to 1 October

28 to 29 September

We had lots of work, laundry, and Jer had his last French class on Thursday because he wasn’t going to be in Paris for two straight weeks for a while.

Friday we had to make a stop at Monoprix because tonight Carmen is coming to visit!

After work I stopped at home and we made our way out to Orly to meet Carmen once her flight arrive around 9:00pm!

We were back to the apartment around 11:00pm where we gave her the quick tour and had some fromage, charcutterie, and wine while sitting around the table catching up.

30 September

With a late night we were all a little tired this morning so we got off to a slow start.

One thing Carmen said she wanted to do was go to Montmartre and Sacré-Cœur so we started to make our way there, but first stopping to take the selfie we take with everyone that visits of course.


We walked around Montmartre finding little shops and other things as we made our way up the hill to Sacré-Cœur. We even found The Love Wall and an artisan market.


After making our way up to the top of the hill we sat on the steps of Sacré-Cœur just enjoying the views for a while and trying to decide where to have lunch.


After walking around trying to find a place we settled on La Paname.

Once we finished lunch we headed towards The Marais to walk around for a while. We made stops at BHV and Halle of White Coats, which has pop up artisan shows and markets every now and again.

Since we didn’t have any plans and we didn’t have a dinner reservation until 8:30pm we decided instead of heading back across the city to our apartment to have some drinks we would just grab some wine and head down to the Seine. We also had to make a stop at Hema in order to grab a wine opener since we didn’t have one with us. We need to keep the Swiss army knife on us at all times.

We picked out a great spot by Quai de la Tournelle with an amazing view of Notre Dame and the river.


After enjoying our wine and people watching (even loaned our new wine opener to a friend in need) we started walking towards the Bastille area where we had our dinner reservation.

We were a little early so we made a stop at Frog Revolution for some beers before dinner.

Carmen had a requested a cheese filled dinner so we finally got a chance to have raclette at Le Chalet Savoyard!

Our friends that live in the area had been texting us that they were around the corner hanging out at a bar (Supersonic) listening to a band so after we finished dinner we headed over to say hi since we hadn’t seen many of them in quite some time.

After a few drinks we were home around 1:30am.

Step Count: 18,594, 12.8km

1 October

Another thing that Carmen said she wanted to do while she was here was go up La Tour Eiffel!

We couldn’t get tickets before hand so we woke up and walked over first thing to try to beat the lines for tickets. Our plan ended up working as we had a relatively short line to wait in once the ticket offices opened up!


After we came back down, since it was Sunday, we did what we always do when people are in town on Sundays, we went to Marché Bastille!

After we had some lunch at the market we headed to the Champs-Élysées to do some shopping.

As we made our way up towards the Arc de Triomphe, looking for some magnets for Carmen, we ended up walking right into a fashion week show which was happening right in the center of the Champs-Élysées!

Once we got back to the apartment we had some food and relaxed the rest of the afternoon as the weather wasn’t great today, and we were recovering from the late night Saturday (I can’t hang anymore).

Eventually it was time to get Carmen to the airport so she could head back home to Alicante. Until next time!

Step Count: 17,992, 12.7km

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