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GoT, Switzerland and a Goodbye

1 to 9 November

1 November

Today is All Saints’ Day in Europe so it is a holiday and I didn’t have work. With it being the holiday we had made plans with Jenny and Pierre to play Game of Thrones Risk since we didn’t get a chance to play it last time we were at their place. With all of our travel issues, and the fact that I have to yet again head to Switzerland tonight, we changed our plans from going out to their place to them coming into Paris to our apartment.

We had a great brunch with some Kir Royal’s to drink (thanks to Pierre’s very good Crème de Cassis) and breakfast tacos with breakfast potatoes. After brunch we finally broke out the game and played GoT Risk.

Around 3pm I had to leave to catch my train to Switzerland while Jer, Jenny and Pierre finished with Jenny ending up winning after they all took me out little by little.

Around 8pm I finally made it to Zug.

2 to 3 November

I spent the next 2 days working in Switzerland while Jer took care of stuff around the house since he was still off.

Friday I came home a little earlier than usual because we were having a going away party for one of our good friends here, Brandon, as he was headed back to The States. I went straight from the train and met Jer at Liz and Brandon’s around 8pm. After a bunch of wine, a lot of reminiscing, and a really fun game of Cards Against Humanity we said our goodbyes (hopefully just à bientôt) to Brandon and got an Uber home since it got to be 2:30am before we knew it.

4 to 5 November

With the late night last night we spent a very relaxing day Saturday catching up on some TV shows that we hadn’t watched in a while with how busy we have been.

On Friday night, at the party, we had all made plans to meet up Sunday late morning for one last Sunday of oysters and wine at Marché Bastille for Brandon. We headed over around 11am and enjoyed the now in season Oysters and white wine in the shell. This time we really said our actual sad goodbyes to Brandon as his plane left tomorrow.

6 to 9 November

It seems like it has been a while since I typed this, but finally a pretty normal week just being here in Paris. I was teaching/working all week, while Jer was back to teaching his normal Tuesday and Wednesday classes.

Tuesday night though Jer met up with Jeff again for a drink this time at WeWork, which is where Jeff’s office is here in Paris.

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