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26 November to 1 December

After a long day of cooking and entertaining yesterday it was a very very lazy Sunday before the start of another normal work week for both of us. Actually one difference was Jer started teaching a new kind of class to adults on Tuesday morning’s this week.

Tuesday night we decided to get our Christmas tree so that we could enjoy it before we left since we will not be home for Christmas this year. Luckily it is easy for us (but not cheap) to get a tree as the flower shop on the corner sells them and we can just carry them home.


Wednesday, Jer’s new phone finally arrived so after class he stopped by the Orange store to pick it up. I stopped at the post on my way home because our Christmas cards had also arrived today. Once we were both home we continued the Christmas spirit by decorating our tree!


Having our Christmas cards now means many trips to the post office this week to get stamps, etc. as here in France you can only buy stamps 20 at a time from the machines. Thursday night we had a little early taste of winter with some snow flurries that made things look pretty for a few minutes.


Friday night one of Jer’s former players, Brandon, was in town visiting. He is playing in Ireland now and had the weekend off so he came to Paris to explore the city. We met him at one of our favorite local breweries, Frog XVI, for a few drinks and to catch up. It is great to be able to see old players thriving like he is, and even better to see them in our city. We headed home pretty early (11:30pm) because we have a 7am train to London in the morning. Of course first though we had to take our typical selfie!

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