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11 to 18 December

11 to 14 December

Another relatively normal week back to work for both of us with nothing much of note on that front.

Jer did have what Chupa and him have deemed “Walk Talk” where Jer video chatted with Chupa’s AP classes about what it was like to move abroad and the differences between France and the US. They also got to ask questions at the end of the talk and from what I heard of the second class of the day they had some really good questions.

Wednesday night I went to The Moose, on of my least favorite places, with some work colleagues.

15 December

Today after we were both done with work we met at the apartment and then ran quickly to Jer’s work holiday party. Since this was one I was invited to we wanted to at least make a quick stop to say hi and pick up his teacher gift. The reason it was such a quick stop was because we had tickets for Singing in the Rain at Grand Palais! This is a show I had been looking forward to for such a long time and it certainly did not disappoint.


16 December

We went out for some quick shopping this morning making a few stops for some shoes and some other things. Once we had gotten the things that we wanted we dropped everything off at the apartment and I went out to Jenny & Pierre’s early to help, while Jer waited back and got a haircut. He had to do this today because if not they aren’t open again before we leave on Tuesday.

The reason we were heading out to Jenny & Pierre’s, in L’Isle Adam, was because they wanted to have an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. This is the reason we had purchased the sweaters while we were in London. I was out early helping Jenny get everything together and to help cook a little, and of course have a few drinks. Once Jer was done he met us out there around 6:30pm and we had a great time. We ended up staying up really late because the boys really wanted to play FIFA.


17 December

We actually ended up waking up pretty early this morning for some reason and got the train back into Paris just after 9am.

Because of the early wake up we were pretty tired once we got back to the apartment so we took a quick nap. But we couldn’t sleep the day away because we had bought tickets to see the new Star Wars this afternoon. We went to a different theater than we normally go to because they were only playing it in 3D at our normal spot. After the movie we did a little shopping for golf balls (for golf in Thailand for me) since the theater was in a mall, then returned home to drop everything off.

After a quick stop home and a change of clothes it was time to go see Amy & Brandon who were back in Paris after leaving earlier this year. We first met them at Chez Nous for some drinks before dinner at Heureux comme Alexandre – Saint Michel where Gabriel & Elaine also met us. Even though it was cold and rainy we sat outside (under the awning of course) and enjoyed some excellent fondue and wine along with continuing to catch up with our missed friends.

After dinner we decided to go grab a few more drinks and walked through the rain to The Great Canadian for some beers and American Football since of course it was Sunday. It was a long day and we were pretty tired so we called it a relatively early night and we were home by midnight.

18 December

Jer spent most of the day getting everything ready to leave for Thailand tomorrow while I worked my last day of the year.

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