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2 to 31 January

2 to 5 January

Jer started back up with one of his adult classes (students still had off), but this week was still pretty much dead here since many Parisians were still on vacation. I went into work as well, but this was not a normal January week for me either. We did however have a stunning sunset of Friday!


6 to 7 January

Being back in France now we got back into our normal Saturday routine. Jer also had to go pick up a package for me that was dropped off at a random place down the street because we weren’t there when they tried to deliver it. Then in the evening we had dinner at an amazing restaurant, Gabylou, with our friends Nick and Kristen, and their daughter since we hadn’t seen them in a while and then went back to their place after dinner to watch some American football.

Sunday we had a few people over for my now famous chili and more American football since it is the playoffs now.

8 to 12 January

Now that the students were back from their holiday Jer had his full week of classes start back up, otherwise it was a normal week for us.

13 January

This weekend was a very busy weekend because we started to take advantage of the beginning of the Soldes! We first went shopping down on Rue de Passy, walking through a few stores and of course still had to do our normal Monoprix stop. Later in the evening we met our friends Mike and Jeff for a drink at Dr. Lupin in the 9th before they were headed to a show. They also introduced us to friends they knew from the states, Tom and Sammy. When it was time for Mike and Jeff to go to the show the rest of us decided to get dinner even though we had just met. We went down the street to Buvette, which I had been to with Jen when she was in Paris for brunch, and enjoyed getting to know each other along with a great meal.

14 January

This morning we woke up and did a few things we needed to around the apartment then quickly it was time to leave for a “kind of” baby shower for our friends Whitney and Steve.

One of Whitney’s colleagues hosted an amazing party (Burgers, Bubbles and Boone) and we ate, drank and celebrated their coming baby boy. When it was time to leave we (well Jer really) helped them get the crib that someone had made for them, and other presents from the party, back to their apartment which was across the city. Needless to say the Uber driver was very surprised when he pulled up and we had a crib to put in the Uber.

We also had not seen their new place yet so last weekend when they were over we had talked about getting together after the party for some pizza and football so it all made perfect sense. Once we arrived and got the crib upstairs Jer and Steve went back out and grabbed some beers and pizza and we watched the early game before heading home.

15 to 19 January

As many of you reading this know the first two months of the year are rather uneventful, specially during the week, with busy season so as you would assume we had yet another normal week.

20 January

We are really getting into our normal Saturday morning routine being home these weekends, which isn’t a bad thing.

Over the last few weeks we had been talking at work about how we missed doing our weekly fun events to help us wind down during busy season so we decided to start this ritual back up this year at Gabriel’s apartment for the first week. A few of us got together and enjoyed some wonderful Brazilian drinks and food and talked all night since we hadn’t seen each other outside of work for a while, although we didn’t stay too long as we still were able to catch the metro home.

21 January

As is typical during busy season I have to head to my favorite place so this morning was spent getting ready to head to Switzerland again. After packing and relaxing I headed out. While I was travelling Jer again wanted his fix of American football so he met Jeff and a few others at The Moose for some playoff football and ended up staying until halftime of the second games.

22 to 26 January

Other than my one day trip to Switzerland, which started Sunday, Jer getting a haircut Tuesday and another trip to La Poste to pick up a package it was a normal week for both of us.

27 to 28 January

Our routine was a little messed up today as we started our Saturday morning having to go out past La Defense to pick up a package that I ordered off the internet that got stuck and couldn’t be delivered for some reason.

Once we dealt with the wonderful French mail system (insert sarcasm here…) we stopped by the mall at La Defense for some more shopping during the Soldes. Once we came back and dropped off our bags other than working in a trip to Monoprix we laid pretty low the rest of the day as neither of us were feeling great.

Sunday the only thing we did was go down to take a look at the crazy flooding that has been happening with all the rain. It is unbelievable that we are seeing this kind of flooding for a second time since we moved here.

29 to 31 January

On repeat, we had yet another normal week with two things of note really. First, on the business side for Jer, they had one of the teams they connected with in Ireland starting a 2 week tour of the east cost of the US. A nice little addition to the business they hadn’t thought of. Second, is that Monday Jer went to Object Trouves to pick up a wallet that someone we knew had lost while here in Paris. Luckily he was able to get it with no issues and they were very happy it was found with nothing missing.

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