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14 to 15 April

14 April

After a great week with the weather unfortunately today the weather is back to it’s crappy recent normality, but we still got to meet Lucas! We hadn’t gotten the chance to meet our friends Whitney and Steve’s new baby since he was born, having been all over the place, so today was the day we finally got a chance. We went over to their apartment and stayed for a few hours. Lucas is such a cutie!

We stopped home for about 2 hours before heading back out to Nick & Kristen’s around 20h to watch sports for the night with a bunch of friends.

15 April

We were up early to head out to Saint-Mandé for our French cooking class! We met Mike & Jeff outside the metro around 10:30am and then met our teacher and 2 others that were joining us.

The class started by shopping at the market. Chef Bertrand explained to us what the ‘Red Label’ meant on food. It means it is the best quality and grown/raised/caught in better than organic conditions. At the market we decided to have white asparagus as an appetizer, salmon for the main dish and chocolate lava cake for dessert. When in France of course you have to have a cheese course as well. After we got most of the groceries at the market we headed to the cheese shop and then back to his apartment to cook everything. It all turned out so good!


We had to leave around 3:30pm so that I could get home and then to the airport to head to Switzerland for work. Then later in the evening Jer went to help our friends take down a wedding at the Ritz.

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