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Pétanque et Ballet (well kinda…)

21 to 22 April

21 April

As previously mentioned our friend Gabriel was moving back to Brazil at the end of the month. Well he was back in town and he wanted one last picnic and pétanque before he left so around 16h30 a large group of us met at Tuileries. After enjoying some of the first Rosé of the season along with some great cheese and other things we all headed home around 21h. Also some new American’s have recently moved so we invited them to join us for the first time.

22 April

Since we moved here I have wanted to see both an opera and a ballet, because of course that is what you do when you live in Paris. Well after our typical Russian ballet a few months back I had also found tickets for Roméo et Juliette at Opéra Bastille. Well what we didn’t quite understand is that Opéra Bastille is known more for their contemporary shows as opposed to what you would expect from a ballet. I will leave it at this version of Roméo et Juliette also had zombie like people…

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