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travail de travail de travail de travail

14 April 2016

Day 5: Yesterday I forgot to post that Jer got his bag! Thank goodness!

Today was my first full day at work. I set off for my Metro station. But today I went underground at the metro station on the street corner instead of the big station on the other side of the circle. Bad idea. While the French Metros are very well signed, I got all sorts of turned around. I ended up on the metro platform instead of the RER. But I was able to walk around to get to the right platform with time to spare.

Then I got off at Saint-Oeun. As most people know who have ever ridden public transportation, there are normally more than one exit, each on a different street. And I exited at the wrong one into a ton of construction. My phone wanted me to walk where the road was closed. Defeated, I walked back to the RER station, down to the platform, and exited through the proper exit. I got to my building  flustered and sweating. But I made it.

Today I had a bunch of client meetings, which all went well. I also finally had my computer working properly so I was able to chat with my colleague back home. After the metro debacle this AM, my day was pretty plain vanilla, which was nice after the whirl winded week we have had.

I headed home around 18:30. The one thing that is very different from the US, is instead of walking to the parking lot and getting into our cars, the team all rides the same metro. So we left work, headed for the metro, sat together and gabbed. It was refreshing. Jer and I then went to the corner market to pick up dinner. Nothing crazy, we had some Ranna pastas: ham mini tortellini and pesto/pine nuts/cheese ravioli. It was delicious and cheap.

Then I may have fallen asleep on the little couch until Jer work me up to write this.

We are looking forward to out first full weekend in Paris. Hopefully, the rain will hold off.

– Kasey
Step Count: 8,835, 4.09 miles

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