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15 April 2016

Day 6: Another day at work. Nothing crazy. But it is Friday. Where in the US we would leave work a bit earlier, in France you work until 18:00 or 19:00.

I took the train home around 19:00. On my walk back to meet Jer at the flat, I stopped at Petrus and made a reservation at 20:00. I walked through the park on Boulevard Pereire which has flowers blooming and birds chirping. It was so refreshing.

We got to Petrus right on time. Only to realize that dinner at 20:00 is very earlier. We were 1 of 2 parties for dinner when we arrived. More people sat between 20:30 and 21:30.

Jer and I had a fabulous dinner at Petrus. They did not disappoint. I started with 6 oysters and Jer got squid and churizo with tomatoes (basically a non-fried calamari). When my oysters came to the table, they were accompanied by an onion vinaigrette and a bowl with water and a lemon in it. I assumed they were both for adding to the oysters. So there I am sitting at this really nice restaurant spooning out some of the vinaigrette and lemon water onto my oysters. Then after I was done, I realized that the little silver bowl with lemon and water was actually for rinsing my hands. I’m sure someone was looking at me like, what a stupid american.

For our main courses I had steak tartare and Jer had a peppered steak. It was the best steak tartare I have ever had. It came with a special mustard. The mustard, which they did not warn you, has a lot of horseradish in it. It rivaled the power of the horseradish cocktail sauce at St Elmo’s in Indy.

For dessert we order millefiulle which translates to a million leaves. It was absolutely amazing. We got one serving, which was split into 2 pieces. It was so much food. If you ever go to Petrus, you have to get this dessert.

We finished up dinner around 22:30 and found another cafe to grab beers before retiring for the night. Overall, it was a great first Friday in Paris

Step Count: 6,508, 3.07 miles

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