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pluie pluie vas-t’en

17 April 2016

Day 7: Today marks one week that we are in Paris. And I have to say, it has rained every day we have been here, but it definitely put a damper on our day today for the first time.

We slept in and started getting motivated around lunch.

We had to get a few things from the store but almost all grocery stores are closed on Sundays. With moving to our permanent flat on Wednesday, we didn’t want to get a lot of food.

We luckily found a small corner market open where we could pick up a few things. After we dropped them off at the flat, we went for a walk.

We headed towards the circle of Palace de la Porte Malliot where we found a small cafe for a a late lunch. I had the quiche of the day and Jer had a croque madame. Both hit the spot.

We then headed back to the flat. Not a very exciting day.

We did laundry, which is a experience over here. They are washer and dryers in one. Of course, it is all in French, and even when you try to dry the items, they are still damp. Luckily, we have the biggest drying rack I have ever seen in the flat.

We stayed in for the rest of the night, flipping between the BBC and CNN.

Early morning for me tomorrow as I am off to Switzerland for the day for work.

Step Count: 5,891, 2,63 miles

Things I’ve learned so far:
1) The Metro is Paris is the backbone of the city and everyone is willing to use it
2) Dinner at 21:00, is early
3) It rains, a lot
4) Most things are shut down on Sunday, so you better get your shopping in Saturday
5) Weekend night life starts at 11, like back in college

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