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16 April 2016

Day 6: Today starts our first full weekend in Paris.

With all the craziness in our lives (and being out pretty late Friday night) we woke up close to 12:00 on Saturday.

Once up, we started moving to go buy sneakers for me. I tossed my very old sneakers before we left. And my all black Tom’s that I had gotten at Christmas now have holes in them! I couldn’t believe it. So we were on the search for running shoes and simple sneakers to wear with jeans.

At work, they recommended Decathlon. So we set off from our flat over towards the Arc de Triomphe. Holy moly, this store is crazy. It is better than sporting goods suppliers in the US. They have everything you can think of from running, to lifting, to climbing and football (not American football). Jer and I wondered around for a while and I was able to find a nice pair of running sneakers for under 40 euros.

We then headed towards the Champs-Elysees to go to Zara and H&M. I was able to find a pair of cheap knock-off converse sneakers to replace my Tom’s.

We then headed back to the flat. Jer was able to get in his run in the Jardin d’Acclimatation and I walked to the bakery and Carrefour to pick up a few groceries.

We then got ready to head out to a bar to watch the NBA playoffs. Jer was able to find a Canadian bar the showed North American sports, called The Moose. It was ok but made me feel like we were home. It was a nice bar with TV’s all over the place. They were playing the NBA finals, some sort of boxing match and of course Hockey playoffs. The only thing that was hard was the bar was about a 45 minute Metro ride. But we figured, why not.

We then made it home around 00:00 to retire for the night.

– Kasey
Step count: 20,914, 9.78 miles

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