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31 May 2016

So today was a fun day. When we woke up, we did not have power. Luckily, it came back on (for a brief period of time) to get ready for work.

This on and off power continued throughout the day according to Jer until eventually a truck came where they could hook it up to the power grid and get it up and running for a while anyway.

I got home around 18:30 and the power had been out since 17:30 yet again. We hung the last things on the walls to finish unpacking and waited for the power to come on. Around 20:30 I was starving and since we couldn’t open the fridge I ran to Franprix to get dinner. A note about the grocery stores, even though they close at a give time, generally about 30 minutes (or longer depending on the size) before they start to close stuff down and about 15 minutes before closing, they stop letting shoppers in. I made it in time, thankfully. Around 22:30 the power came back on, just in time to go to bed. But we had power!

Our theory of why the power was out is this: since there were a few city blocks that were out. The transformers either blew or got wet (due to all the flooding with the heavy rainfall). There was truck, that ran on gasoline, that was providing power throughout the day. The truck ran out of gas around 17:30 and could not get more because of the strikes at the refineries. So we had no power for the afternoon as they worked on removing the underground transformers and replacing them. A gas truck showed up just before 22:00 which was able to fill up the power truck and after a little bit of work get us back to having power. The workers were there literally all day and around 10:00 the next day, they were finally finishing up.


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