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10 July 2016

We got off the train in Paris around 5pm, and even though this was a few hours before game time we were in a hurry because we knew how crazy the city was going to be today. There were police officers lined up down the side of the train. Of course, one of them picked Jer to talk to and the cop only spoke French. Luckily, Jer had his French residency card which they waved us through. At least the cops are checking!

We got home to quick drop our bags and pack a small bag with water and snacks. We made a quick stop at Franprix to buy some sandwiches and we were off to meet friends for the EuroCup final of France v. Portugal.

We got to the Bar called Saint Gervais where they actually put a big screen TV on the side street and closed it to traffic with a strategically placed van. We got to the bar about 2 hours before game time and the street was starting to fill up. As it got closer to game time, there were a couple hundred people. The atmosphere was insane! What was also cool was there were some old friends from home visiting in Paris for their honeymoon. They were able to join us to watch the match.

Still an hour to go until the match kicks off.
The things people will do to get a better view!

Here are some videos of the craziness during the match:

Unfortunately, France lost but we still had a great time. We took the metro home with little issue (unlike Thursday).

However, tonight we figured out that the Portuguese fans in the area around our flat loooooooove their car horns. And love letting you know they won until the wee hours of the morning. Work is going to suck on Monday.

– Kasey

Things I learned this week:
1) I love taking the train in Europe
2) Soccer (football) fans are crazy
3) We live by a lot of Portuguese fans
4) You can video call people on WhatsApp and Facebook
5) I need to catch up on my sleep

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