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14 July 2016

Today is Bastille Day! With it being a holiday, we both slept in a little bit still trying to recover from our lack of sleep last week.

We started out by cleaning and organizing for having guests over at 20:30 for the fireworks at 23:00.

As most of you know, I am not allowed to vacuum (for the best) so when I say “we” started to clean the house I really mean that Jer vacuumed and cleaned most of it while I got dishes and surfaces taken care of. However, we didn’t have any citronella candles (to keep the bugs away) or patriotic French items. So I set out for the store to find some French Flags and candles. Luckily, we have some good shopping options not far from our place. I also made one last trip to the grocery store for the last minute items we still needed as we started to get everything set out.

By mid-afternoon we were ready to start prepping food. Nothing to crazy from what we would do in the US. However, the oven makes the whole apartment hot, as it vents into the kitchen, so I wanted to try to get as much cooking done before people came.

We got all the food ready just in the nick of time for people to show up. The one thing that stinks about living so close to the Eiffel Tower is that they shut down some of the metro stops and streets closest to us so people coming to us had to re-route or walk a round about way to get to us. At least we know for next year.

Here are some pictures from the set up for Bastille day!

Have to rep the Union.
Also have to rep the French.
We ended up having a blast watching the fireworks (which were 35 minutes log). Here are some pictures from our terrace.
And so it begins.
Fireworks overtaking the Eiffel Tower.
Red, White and Blue
I just can’t get enough of the view!
We ended up going through most of the booze but will have leftovers for most of the week! I would say a very successful first Bastille Day!
– Kasey
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