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Chaud, Chaud, Chaud

18 to 22 July 2016

This week is the hottest week since we moved to Paris and we do not have air conditioning.

Even my office building that does have AC, it was still hot. I have learned to always be in some state of sweat. And the metros, hot boxes, especially when they are packed. As it gets further up into the 80’s or even into the 90’s it borders on unbearable in most residences or buildings no matter how much the wind is blowing.

With the impending heat, Jer needed to go buy fans. This was a bit of a debacle.

Of course everyone knew the heat was coming, so finding fans for a decent price and what we wanted was not easy. After going to Darty (pretty much the French Best Buy) on Monday and coming up short, it was a trip to Castorama (Lowes like) on Tuesday and luckily this trip was much more productive. Ended up coming home with two new fans and costing us much less than anticipated. Getting home with these fans on the other hand not as easy as the purchase. Since we are using public transportation everywhere this meant Jer had to carry the fans back to the flat by himself. Luckily Castorama itself is right by the one metro stop, but unfortunately once you get off the metro you have an 8 minute walk (uphill) back to the flat. When it is pushing 90 this is not fun to say the least!

However, we needed every fan. At night we had all 3 blowing on us to keep the air moving. It was like a living in Bernie-Willie at Moravian in August.

We survived the heat but hope it doesn’t get much hotter.

I also had to go to Zug, Switzerland for work on Tuesday. I fly there and back in a day. It is the longest day since I have to leave home around 05:00 and get back around 23:00. I have now decided I will go out the night before.


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