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Week-end de fête

15 to 17 July 2016

15 July

After the night we had for Bastille day, today we slept in and relaxed. We did clean up, to a point. But I think we did what most Parisians do today, nothing.

We also have plans for tomorrow so we want to make sure we got a good nights sleep.

16 July

Today we were invited over to my colleague, Gabriel’s for a tradition Brazilian meal, Feijoada, and drinks, Caipirinhas, for lunch. It was out of this world good. Feijoada is like a stew with 6 types of meat that simmers all day so the flavored can infuse. It is served over rice with a light salad on the side. Jer and I both had seconds and thirds. Caipirinhas are dangerously strong because you can not taste the hard liquor. Since moving we have not had much hard liquor so this was a new venture. Caipirinhas are made with specific Brazilian booze, Cachaca. It is muddled with fresh lime and sugar. It is so refreshing on a hot day.

We then went and ran some normal errands. We needed to pick up some more Rose because we were headed to The Marais later that night to hang out with other friends.

We ended up hanging out with a few other expats later that night, drinking Rose, before retiring for the night.

17 July

Today was another lazy day to recover from the week of drinking. We did do some serious damage on the Bastille Day leftovers. Looking forward to the week ahead.

– Kasey

Things I learned this week:
1) Parisian fireworks are no joke
2) It is acceptable to be 20 minutes late and almost expected
3) The oven in our apartment puts out soooooo much heat
4) I now love Brazilian food
5) My liver needs a break

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