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8 October

Today we took the Eurostar to meet my sister in London! She was there on a work trip and we were able to get a day that worked for all of us.

A quick 2 hour trip from the center of Paris and we are in the center of London!

Like most days in London, it was overcast with a chance of rain but we came prepared.

We did the normal tourist items, including checking out the outside of Westminster Abbey (because the price to go in is astronomical), Big Ben and Parliment. The highlight was that we saw Anthony Hopkins filming on the streets of London for what we think is the next Transformers movie. (I was hoping to hear him say something about Fava beans and Chianti, but no such luck).

We then headed to the National Gallery (which is free to get into) and saw some very impressive paintings that I did not realize were there. It was also nice to get out of the dreary weather.

We then headed to a pub (The Crown) that had amazing Fish and Chips accompanied by some Cider. Lunch of champions because of course when in Londres.

As we were walking down the street Jer remembered a store that he was in while we were here back in 2009 called Lillywhites. Basically it is like a Dick’s sporting goods, however the reason Jer loves it so much is they have an entire floor dedicated to soccer jerseys. As he says they have great deals too so he was able to walk out with a few jerseys that he wanted.

Then after some more walking, we decided to go to the Winston Churchill Bunkers. While the price was a bit steep (over $20 USD to get in) it was worth it. This was the nerve center for Britain during WWII. Just think of the decisions being made down here was incredible. I would highly recommend going here for any history or WWII history buff.

Part of the ceiling cut out to show what was used to protect the bunkers from all the bombings.

After some more walking around and enjoying some time down by the Thames we headed back to get the Eurostar back to Paris and bid au revoir to Jen until we meet again back in the USA.

Step Count: 22,412, 16.7km

– Kasey

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