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9 to 24 October

9 to 14 October

Another week of the usual. Although the further we get along in October we get more and more excited for the travel we have coming up at the end of the month and then continuing on throughout pretty much the entire month of November and December. Going to be a lot going on soon so it is nice to spend some time in our city.

15 October

Today we invited by my colleague to his house for lunch. Him and his family live outside of Paris in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine. It was a nice change from Paris to see how the French live in the “suburbs”. We had a wonderful lunch and then went for a walk through the park and to the Seine.

16 October

Today was a a day of shopping. In Paris, most stores are closed on Sundays but there are certain areas that are open. The Marais and the Champs are both open. So we went over to BHV first. Then we went to the Champs where we did more damage at Banana Republic, Zara, and H&M. But all in a days work, I guess. Also this evening we were back to hosting for American Football. This time it was just one couple that came over so it was a little less to get together this time, but fun as always.

18 October

Nothing really exciting going on. I am in the middle of a quarter review. Each quarter I head to Zug, Switzerland for meetings with the client.
While there, we stay at a quaint little hotel on the lake. 
I was able to enjoy the sunset. I swear this photo is not filtered.
With me being in Switzerland Jer went out for drinks with one of our friends at a new bar called Prescription Cocktail bar. He said it was really cool. No real menu so the bartenders find out what you like and make you different types of drinks based upon that. A place we will have to go back to together.

19 to 24 October

After returning from Switzerland we spent the next few days, including the weekend, trying to get the house cleaned up and all the laundry done getting ready for the first of our trips. Lots of packing to do since this trip is for an entire week. Of course Jer is very excited because this trip involves golf so he has had is clubs out for a few days making sure they are all set and packed into his travel bag. We are off tomorrow afternoon so lots to do.

– Kasey

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