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30 December to 2 January

30 December

This morning we were up and out of my parents house by 4:45am to head to PHL. The last time we were at PHL was when we left for France. Now we are about to board a quick 2 hour flight to Atlanta to spend New Year’s with the Testas!

After our flight, we came up the escalator into the arrivals area to see Braxton (and of course Jeff and Corey) waiting there for us!

After we collected our luggage we headed to the Testa’s to relax and just hang out since we have now finally gotten to meet the little man we have known only virtually for the last 7 months.

For lunch we then headed to Roy’s Philadelphia Cheesesteaks. We were not able to get a cheesesteak while we were in Philly, but this totally hit the spot in all it’s cheesy gloriousness.

Then very kindly, Jeff and Corey agreed to take us to Banana Republic to do some post Christmas shopping. We had asked for gift cards to Banana Republic for Christmas and waited until the post Christmas sales started to stock up on some favorites. It was much needed.

We then relaxed for the night at the Testa’s and caught up on the past few months while playing with Braxton.

31 December

Today we had a boys date followed by a girls date. The boys headed to Top Golf.

For those of you who have never had the Top Golf experience you are truly missing out let me tell you. Although it is absolutely terrible for your real golf game it is always fun for friends. I don’t know if I can go to Atlanta anymore and not make at least one stop at Top Golf ha. We enjoyed some games and of course had a little best of 5 games going. Had a few beers and some bites to eat (which is one of the best things about Top Golf) because you know it’s 5 o’clock somewhere right!

While the boys were gone we started to prep for New Years eve. Once the boys returned, we headed to The Pearl & The Pig to get some oysters and martinis! This is now our staple date lunch and it was wonderful.

Later in the evening, the rest of the Testas came over for dinner and to watch the Ohio State game plus the other national semifinal. Always great to be able to see the family each time we come down to Atlanta and catch up. Not like it’s just the walk down the street that Jer used to have, but it feels just like it when we all get together. The family left before 11, which was a good thing, because as midnight got closer, the power went out. So we celebrated 2017 in the dark, checking our cell phone’s saying ‘I have midnight, what about you’ until we all had midnight! Happy 2017.

Celebrating midnight in the Parisian time zone.
No matter how many miles separate us we will always be best friends.
Now we have added a 3rd amigo!
Midnight candlelight style.

1 January

After being up later, we then hung out at the Testa’s house and just relaxed.

I did a little work, sad to say, and we started to arrange the best we could for packing to head back to Paris tomorrow.

However, we had one dinner left and Jeff and Corey left the best for last. We had an amazing dinner at Two Urban Licks. I would go back there in a heart beat.

All dressed up. Even the little dude!

2 January

Today we said goodbye to the Testa’s and headed to ATL to go back to Paris.
We left from the new international terminal at ATL. We grabbed a quick lunch and one last beer before heading home. Always sucks to leave these guys since it is always so fun when we get together and even more so now with the new addition, but we always leave knowing we can’t wait until the next time. See you guys in 8 months or so!

– Kasey

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