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3 January to 26 February

3 to 6 January

January and February are by far the busiest months for me at work with deadlines throughout the month. These months are rather light on fun, but we will make up for it in May.

Time to get back to work. It is the start of buy season….but first, we have sooooo much laundry to do, as we try to get back on the right time zone and back to our routines. Lastly, we need to go see Francois to get our hair cut. Not a very exciting first week of 2017 in Paris.

7 January

Today we did our normal Saturday errands. Also, the winter soldes started so we went shoe shopping at Minnelli and San Marina.
At night we went over to our friends, Brandon & Amy’s, to catch up with everyone who is now back from their winter holidays.

8 January

Today we relaxed at home, knowing work would progressively get busier. Jer also wanted to watch some American football, specifically the NFC wild card game to see who the Cowboys would play the following week.

9 to 12 January

The second week of January was nothing special either. Work, home, dinner, sleep, repeat. The biggest downside was the rain, it needs to stop.

13 January

This evening we had our first busy season happy hour to get together and just unwind after a busy week. We went to The Freedom and The Firkin. After a few glasses of wine/beer we headed out to grab dinner at a brassiere, Hortense. It was nothing special.

14 to 15 January

Over the weekend we got back into our normal routine.

On Sunday however, we met our friends Brandon & Amy for brunch at Frog XVI, which is not far from Trocadero. Their brunch is nice because it includes a hot beverage and an alcoholic drink for under 20 Euros. We’ll we put our order in and they forgot about us. So to say sorry, we got a free round of drinks. Not to shabby. After brunch we headed home and later that night Jer watched the Cowboys playoff game, which started at 22:20 local. I did not stay awake till the end. Unfortunately they lost in a crazy game.

16 to 20 January

The third week of January was pretty much identical to the second. Work, home, dinner, sleep, repeat.

21 January

Today was the women’s march in Paris. Jer and I went with a bunch of friends. Not going to lie, I thought my sign was puny.

The march started at Trocadero and ended on the Champ de Mars with the Eiffel Tower in the back drop. There had to be thousands of people there.

After the march we headed home to rest. Then at night we went over to our friend Gabriel’s to celebrate his 30th birthday. I always love going over there for the Brazilian food and Brazilian drinks.

Step count: 15,842, 10.9 km

22 to 26 January

The last full week of January was pretty normal except I had to travel to Zug, Switzerland for work for one day. This always takes a lot out of me. And the trip in the winter is worse because there is so little day light. Otherwise the week went Work, home, dinner, sleep, repeat yet again.

27 January

Tonight we went out with friends for another busy season happy hour, this time at O’Sullivans Pub FDR. Again after a few drinks we headed to a hole in the wall place for dinner, Mexican this time, a place called El Mercado. It was delicious and they had pitchers of margies and they liked us so much they gave us free house tequila shots at the end of dinner. After dinner we decided to have another drink so we went to Les Champs et Les Vignes before calling it a night. Let’s just say, cup stacking should only be for sober people with plastic cups. Not people who just did tequila shots and are now drinking wine from respectable glass wine glasses…

28 to 29 January

This weekend we just relaxed after a very exciting Friday night.

30 January to 2 February

The week was yet again normal. Work, home, dinner, sleep, repeat.

3 February

In the evening we met our friends Brandon & Amy at an Italian place by our apartment that we were dying to try called Settebello. It did not disappoint. (This is now our go to Italian place for visitors) After dinner we stopped at Restaurant Aero for one more glass of wine.

4 February

We ran our normal Saturday errands plus a little extra shopping to get some last minute items from the soldes. We also needed haircuts, and it seemed so did everyone else in the 16th. The salon was packed!

That night we met some friends from high school that were in town, Nicole & Alex. We went to a place called Homies del Mar. It’s a French Peruvian restaurant that specializes only in fish. It was amazing! We will be back! However, the dinner did last for 3 hours but it was worth it. On our way home, we stopped off in The Marias for a final glass of wine.

5 February

This morning we met up with Nicole & Alex again to come over to the apartment and then head for brunch at Frog XVI. But first, we had to take a selfie.

6 to 22 February

During this time we were pretty much hermits. I had so much to do that we were not exciting at all. Work, home, dinner, sleep, repeat.

One different thing that we did during this time is we had our first Raclette! It was so yummy.

On the 22nd I finally submitted my reports and then waited for the US to finish up.

23 February

I was able to breath again today and met a friend, Amy, for celebratory drinks at Mokus l’Ecureuil.

24 February

Today I was still waiting to see if the US had any questions or concerns. After I got the all clear we went to meet friends, Brandon & Liz, over by Bastille at The Bootleg Bar for drinks. The bar was so loud we ended up leaving and heading to their place to catch up.

Step count: 13,849, 10.2 km

25 February

Saturday and we are pretty much back to our routine. We added going to Castorama to buy plants and gardening supplies. We also need to re-seal our patio furniture (lets be honest, Jer is doing this) so we picked up the supplies we needed for that. We enjoyed the evening at home watching the beautiful sunsets that have recently been more amazing than usual.

26 February

Today we headed to Marche Bastille for some produce shopping. We ended up getting some herbs, spices, food and seafood paella for lunch. It was wonderful. I love this market because it is one of the largest ones in Paris on Sunday (most other markets are on Saturdays).

We then went out to La Defense for some post busy season shopping. La Defense is also good for Sunday shopping because it is open and it’s not as crowded as the Champs and has more options. We also rounded out our garden shopping needs.

We then spent the night at home tending to our terrace garden and relaxing.

Step count: 10,334, 7.1km

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