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29 November to 13 December

29 November to 1 December

We were getting into the normal swing of things and trying to undo the jet lag from the quick trip to the US

2 December

Today I had to head to Nantes to teach a training. Super easy trip there and back.

3 December

Today was our normal Saturday morning shopping. We also working on some additional Christmas Shopping which included heading to Decathlon, Samsung store (which the watch Jer wanted was not in stock), Galeries Lafayette and BHV.
Amazing tree at Galaries Lafayette.
We then spent the early evening on the Champs Elysees for one of the big Christmas Markets in the city. It was crazy the number of people that were there. Mental note, next year, go earlier in the day.

Yummy vin chaud, or hot wine!
Step Count: 19,267, 14.5km

4 December

Today we headed to La Defense for Marche de Noel where we met a colleague from work. We walked around but it was much smaller than the one on the Champs but it still felt like Christmas.
Today, we also got and decorated our very small Christmas tree. It wasn’t as bad as a Charlie Brown tree but it did the trick to get in the holiday spirit.

5 to 9 December

This was a normal week, which was great.
One difference was drinks with friends at Station Service Cafe Thursday the 8th which turned out to be longer night than thought, but so worth it.
Friday was also our first try at dry cleaning since we moved. Jer found a place but we have no idea how much this is going to be when we pick it up….

10 December

We had one last normal Saturday morning in Paris.
Then we went on a mega last minute Christmas shopping trip in which we were all over the city. We went to the toy store (La Grande Recre) for some kids gifts. Longchamp for something Jer wanted to get me for Christmas. We also looked high and low for the watch Jer wanted including going to the Samsung store (again) and Orange. We luckily figured out, thanks to a sales clerk at Orange, that FNAC may have the watch. But FNAC had a strike going on in front of it, so that added to the theatrics of the day. We also went to the PSG store to get some local team swag.
The one thing I will say, is that the Christmas decorates are not as grand as I would have thought. I mean we did grow up in the Christmas city, so Bethlehem knows how to do Christmas right. It just feels like they could do more here.
After the marathon of shopping, we had a relaxing dinner at home before heading over to the Foley’s for Christmas drinks before all the US expats from work head home for the holidays.
Step Count: 18,738, 14.2km

11 to 13 December

We were in the home stretch for going back for 2.5 weeks to the US for Christmas. We had a nice relaxing Sunday, full of laundry and getting ready to leave.
On Monday, we sent out our Christmas cards, which this year I had to hand write them all. Never again, but at least they were French.
On Tuesday, Jer had to get one last haircut. We also bought the equivalent of 8 pounds of Jeff de Bruge chocolate to share at all the Christmas events we had planned to go to. Lastly, we also picked up our dry cleaning, and the staggering bill. Never again at that place. 

– Kasey
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