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21 to 28 November

21 to 22 November

We have 2 days to get our lives in order. We did so much laundry to then pack. This packing was a little more aggressive because we were able to bring home some gifts to stash away for Christmas.

Jer also wanted some new dress shoes to go along with his new “Euro Suit” so we met after work to get this done.

23 November

We are up bright and early to take an Uber to Orly. We had to actually check a bag for once so we want to make sure we didn’t have any issues. But I was super excited to be heading home to watch one my of my best friends since middle school marry the man of her dreams. To document this, I was trying to take a selfie at the airport, Jer was not cooperating.
After an eight hour flight, we landed at JFK where Jer’s Dad was kind enough to pick us up. We then went into NYC to pick up Jen and head to the Lehigh Valley. Traffic wasn’t ideal, but it could have been worse. 4 hours later, we were in the Christmas city again.
Jer and I were running on fumes so we decided to relax after a quick trip to AT&T for Jer to get a new US sim card (I may or may not have lost the one from when we moved….).
We then helped my Mom and Dad start the Thanksgiving day prep.

24 November

Today, Jer and I were up early (thanks to the 6 hour time difference). I got some work done in the AM and then helped my Mom continue with the Thanksgiving prep. There were 18+ people coming to my parent’s house, but my mom cooked for like 25+.
We enjoyed family time catching up with cousins and aunts and uncles (even Laurie was able to come over and join us). This was the first time we have seen anyone since we left in April. We also played what I will call chocolate roulette. We brought back a box of Jeff de Bruge chocolate as our contribution to Thanksgiving dinner, well in that box there was no guide. So if you touched it, you ate it.
After eating way too much turkey (Kathy’s cooking does not disappoint), we also were able to see some of our friends to catch up before starting all the wedding festivities tomorrow. Two of those friends (Tony & Ali) we had not seen since they got engaged earlier this year so it was amazing that we were able to see them and congratulate them even if it was only for a little while.

We were very fortunate that the wedding was on the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend. It allowed us to catch up with friends and family we would not have seen otherwise.

25 November

We were, yet again up early, but this time we went to ABE to pick up a car, which made life a bit easier to get around.
We then stopped to get something I have missed VERY much, Wawa coffee!
Jer and I then headed to the Promenade Shops as the first of my bridesmaid duties were about to begin. I was meeting the girls there to get our nails done. And since it was Black Friday, Jer and I decided to go there a little early to go to Banana Republic to get some stuff on sale. Instead of sitting around waiting for me, or driving all the way back Jer decided to try to look to get his Christmas present now to see if he could get it cheaper on Black Friday. Of course this is something to do with technology, but I will let him tell you about it….
After finishing up our shopping at Banana Republic I left Kasey at the nail salon and hopped in the car headed towards Best Buy. After a bunch of research, and deciding that smart watches had come a really long way since the last one I bought (which I didn’t really like), I settled on wanting the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier. Between taxes and Black Friday it appeared as if I could save about $50 buying it while we were back in the US rather than before Christmas while we were back in Paris. Arriving at Best Buy I was excited to finally see one in the flesh. I approached an employee and asked where I could find them, and that was when I quickly realized I wasn’t getting my watch. This employee gave me that WTF are you talking about look. Hard to believe an employee at an electronics store doesn’t know what one of the most anticipated new electronic devices is, but this guy was certainly one of those people. After showing him online how Best Buy is promoting this device he said well sorry I guess our store just hasn’t gotten them in yet and I should come back next week. Yea sure buddy I will fly back see you next week. After that disappointment I headed over to Target for a little while to look for some stuff, and get a Starbucks coffee, before heading back to the Promenade Shops to pick Kasey up. 
It was great seeing all the girls but after my nails and toes looked perfect (I miss a good pedicure) Jer picked me up and we headed back to my parents’ house to do a little work and then get ready for the rehearsal and dinner.
Since we would be drinking that night, Leigha and Danny picked us up early to head over to Carrie and Rory’s to hang out and see Connor of course.
We then went to the Glasbern Inn for rehearsal for the ceremony tomorrow afternoon. This is going to be one beautiful wedding!

After getting the drill on what is happening tomorrow, we headed to Tre Scalini in downtown Bethlehem for rehearsal dinner which was wonderful.

26 November

This morning, Jer was nice enough to take Leigha and I very early to go out to Glasbern for yoga. This was a great way to start the day by centering us and getting a good stretch in.
All the bridesmaids hung out and waited for hair and makeup for each of us in one of the suites at the Glasbern. It is always so nice to be on the property and all we have to do is walk up the hill for the wedding.
While all (I think) 10 girls got hair and make up done, I was digging into the vault of old pictures to find some going back 10+ years with the girls in the wedding party. It is crazy that I got back with these ladies to the days of middle school plays and being in SOB (spirit of Bethlehem).
While Kasey was up at the Glasbern doing Yoga and getting her hair done I went back to the house for a little while to have some breakfast and get some stuff packed since we were headed back home tomorrow evening and had plenty more to do before we left. 
After getting most of this done by midday I was talking with Rory who was also a bachelor for the day since Carrie was also up at the Glasbern. We decided to get together at their house and watch some football before heading up for the wedding. Those of you who are college football fans will know exactly what I am talking about when I say the OSU v. Michigan game was so crazy and amazing we just couldn’t leave until it was over. Only issue there was the wedding was at 5 and the game really didn’t end until a little after 4 and we were not all that close to the venue ha. So we rushed to get ourselves together and lets just say that we are thankful there were no troopers on 78 between 4:15 and 4:30 that day….
We were all ready on time and the wedding went off without a hitch. The scenery was stunning, but not nearly as much as the bride.
We danced the night away and enjoy the #lastboringbash

27 November

Again thanks to the time difference, we were awake early so we decided to just head out.
Back at my parent’s house we finished up our packing to get ready to head home to Paris.
We then headed to the Gilbert’s for brunch to see friends and the every growing Abby. With the holidays we knew it was going to be hard to try to see everyone, but thankfully the Gilbert’s were willing to host a little brunch get together for everyone that was around. Unfortunately Nick G never showed up, but Scott was able to make it and of course the most important thing was hanging out with Abby! After a few short hours it was unfortunately time to say goodbye, but it was nice to have that feeling of old times sake no matter how short it was.
We then stopped by my Aunt and Uncle’s house to see our cats, who seem to be (finally) adjusted but I think still hate us. 😦
We then were back to Marchant Drive to finalize packing and for Jer’s Mom pick us up. We dropped off the rental car at ABE, hopped into Laurie’s car to make our way to Newark. And we did not hit ANY traffic somehow.

Since we were early we got dinner at the bar before boarding our 8 hour flight back to Paris.

28 November

We landed back to Orly in the late morning. We took the metro home and were back in our apartment by noon.
Nice to be home after a long 2 months of traveling. We now have 2 full weeks in Paris to enjoy the holiday time before we are back to US for Christmas holidays.

– Kasey
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