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27 February – 22 March

27 February – 5 March

This week was a normal week, but with much less work now that busy season is over!

On Wednesday we went to the American Church of Paris for Ash Wednesday Mass. I had a very hard time trying to find Ash Wednesday services on Church websites, including Notre-Dame and Sacre-Coeur. Like anywhere in Paris, we always have a 10 to 15 minute walk before and/or after we get on/off the Metro. Well today, this walk was brutal. Not only was it raining, it was raining cats and dogs. We came prepared with umbrellas, but the rain was so powerful that we were soaked from our shoulders down. I swear I am not exaggerating, I could literally ring out my hair as if I just got out of the shower. Jer’s pants were so wet that after we got home from church, we could still ring the water out. Note to self – next time, time an Uber.

Screenshot of what we walked in…..

Well the rain did not stop there. It rained on and off all week. Which means boots and umbrellas everyday. I guess at least it’s not snow.

On Saturday, we started out with our normal Saturday errands. However, we also went to Castorama again to finish our terrace jardin. I really miss having fresh herbs for cooking. I am determined this year (with Jer’s help) I will have fresh herbs and a few flowers on our terrace.

We then went to FNAC on the Champ Elysees to try to find a map of Norway. It was literally the ONLY map not there. But if we got a map at FNAC, it would be in French. The reason I want a map is because on an upcoming trip with my sisters we are planning to drive from Oslo to Bergen through the fjords. I am going to go assume that there will be limited to no cell phone service and I do not want to get lost in the middle of the wilderness. After we got back from FNAC, we video chatted with my Sisters about our upcoming trip to iron out some details. I must say Google Hangouts is wonderful. It is the only one (that I can figure out) how to have multiple people with video calling in.

We then ended our Saturday night with amazing seafood at Langousta with a colleague from work about to move back to the US. The food was absolutely amazing. You can see for yourself.

6 – 12 March

This week was just another normal week but with less rain than last week, thank goodness.

On Friday night, we had our first au revior happy hour, which was appropriately at The Moose. We have been to the Moose many times and it is a Canadian Sports bar know for their cheese curds and better selection of beer (still horrible compared to sports bars in the States). That night we were with a group of 12+ people, all drinking wine and skipping the cheese curds.

On Saturday, after our normal grocery store trip, we headed out to La Defense again for some shopping. Then back at home because were staying in for Jer to watch Union match. With the time difference Jer (because let’s be honest I either sit on the couch next to him reading a book or I go to bed) only has a few opportunities to watch US sports. When his teams are playing at a semi-reasonable time, he tries to take advantage of it.

On Sunday, we went out again in the search of a map of Norway, with no luck. I give up, I’m ordering it off Amazon. Also, today was NCAA tournament selection (selection Sunday) so Jer was glued to the TV/his phone to see where UNC was placed on the bracket.

Step Count
March 10 – 10,192, 6.9km
March 11 – 10,660, 7.1km

13 – 22 March

This week was yet another normal week. I will take it. After 8 super crazy weeks, a few in a row that are calm are much needed to get back to a routine.

On Thursday, Jer left for Miami for Pat’s bachelor party. (he can give you the abridged details)

Got up early Thursday and headed towards CDG for my 11am flight direct to MIA. Luckily no issues with the trains this morning so I was there nice and early. You would think going to the East Coast of the US the flights would all be relatively the same amount of time, well boy was I wrong there. Direct to MIA from CDG is 11 hours (way longer than PHL or EWR)! Yes you read that right 11 hours. With this being the case you would think American Airlines would provide a little bit of an updated plane, nope wrong again. No lie my seat had a fax machine plug in the arm rest….. Top that all off with a non functioning TV from the 90s and we were in business and on our way. Enough with the bad though. Luckily the plan was not very full and I was able to move where there was no one next to me and a bunch of extra leg room!

We arrived in Miami right on time and I got an Uber to the hotel to meet up with some of the other guys that had already arrived. Nick G had done a great job finding us a place at the Foutainebleau Miami Beach with adjoining rooms very high up with amazing views and enough room to fit all 13 of us comfortably.

We hung out in the room for a while waiting for everyone else to show up one by one before going out to dinner. The rest of the trip was full of pool, beach, dinners, and a ton of fun. (Yea that is all you are getting out of me….) Great being able to see the guys again and looking forward to seeing them all again next month at the wedding!

On Friday, I went out to meet friends to ‘watch’ the NCAA tournament. (Let’s be honest I went out to socialize). One of our friends actually had friends in town from the states, so we met at the Great Canadian. Again, there beer selection was just ok, but we were there for happy hour so pints were 5 euros (normally 8). I will take it!

On Saturday, I took a stroll from our apartment to the Eiffel tower to admire the start of the cherry blossoms.

While Jer was gone I did some experimenting in the kitchen with foods he doesn’t like. I made a wonderful (I mean I was the only judge of my own cooking, so I am a little biased) eggplant parmesan. I may try to sneak this into our weekly meals.

Jer got back from Miami on Monday morning and was greeted by lots of laundry he needed to do from his trip. We only had a few days to get ready to head to the South of France Thursday for his birthday get away.

March 17 – Step Count – 12,360, 8.6km
March 22 – Step Count – 11,380, 8.0km

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