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4 to 12 April

4 to 7 April

After all the excitement of the NCAA tournament, it was back to normal.

Only thing different was on Thursday Jer had to go to Decathlon and ran into protest, I mean it is France after all. If you go a week without seeing some sort of protest, it probably means you haven’t left your house.

8 April

With the weather getting nice, people are coming out their winter hiding to enjoy the sun. I have said this before and I will say it again, the French are sun worshipers. As soon as the weather gets nice enough to be outside with a light coat, the parks become full. We are now also starting to be sun worshipers (don’t worry Mom, I am wearing sunscreen). Today we went to Parc Monceau to have a late afternoon picnic. Parc Monceau is one of my favorite parks because you can actually sit on the grass, there are lots of big trees for shade, you can picnic anywhere, and there is plenty on entertainment from a pond to pony rides to a carousel and lastly, and very important if you bring wine to the picnic, a free public toilet that is very clean.

9 to 12 April

This week we did some last minute shopping to make sure we have perfect French outfits for a wedding this weekend. I must say I had a very hard time finding the right dresses. And Jer actually found the dress I ended up wearing online, from H&M.

Also, Jer had to make sure the coif was perfectly done so he had a last minute haircut on Tuesday with Francois.

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