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19 to 27 April

19 April

Without being back in France for 36 hours, I was on my way to Switzerland for my quarterly meetings.

Tonight I went out with our friend Brandon for Champions League matches because what else did I have to do while Kasey was out of town. We ended up going to Margen’s Pub to watch and ended up paying attention mostly to the Borussia Dortmund v Monaco match for the second and decisive leg. Ended up probably drinking a little too much for a Wednesday night but had a lot of fun catching up.

20 April

After my day of meetings, I was back from Switzerland. Right now our apartment looks like a clothing store, there is laundry overtaking apartment!

21 to 25 April

After work, we were both still so tired, we stayed in to have a relaxing Friday night still trying to recover from traveling.

Today, we had our normal Saturday morning routine and then out to La Defense to pick up a few things, which also seems to be becoming a bit of a habit now too.

That night, we went to the movies to see Beauty & The Beast. In France, unions are incredible strong. However, accountants are one of the few non-unionized groups. But the firm does still offer different benefits. One of these benefits are discounted movie tickets. I can get 10 a month for 5 euros each. This saves 10 to 15 euros each person. We will be making use out of this!

On our way to the movie theater, we cross Pont de Grenelle, which underneath has the sister to the Statue of Liberty. Tonight at the feet of Lady Liberty was an impromptu dance party.


This Sunday is Election Day in France! But the process is much different from the US. Today is round 1, which means that unless one candidate gets a majority, there is another vote between the top 2 candidates in 2 weeks. This time, there were 13 candidates, all from different parties. To vote, you have to go to your polling location in person or have a designated person go vote for you. But that designated person can vote anyway they want….. Also, you vote based on placing a piece of paper with the candidate’s name you want to vote for in an envelope and then drop it in a box. Most polling centers outside of major cities close at 7pm while major cities close at 8pm. There are also polling centers set up at certain consulates around the world, because there is no such thing as an absentee ballot. The French say, in round 1 you vote with your heart and in round 2, you vote with our head. For French media, they do NOT report on it like the US does, you get 3 updates throughout the day. First is at noon, which is a turnout number only. Then next is at 5pm, which is also only about turnout. And at 8pm they posted expected results. The 8pm announcement has a countdown from 10 and everything, feels kind of like a game show. Thankfully, the 2 leaders are announced and it is Macron and LePen.

On Monday and Tuesday tried to relax a little more and do laundry. I have to travel to Switzerland again for work in a few days before we have another weekend away in the Dordogne Valley.

26 to 27 April

Back to Switzerland I go! Again it is raining….


Once I am back, we are packing for a quick weekend away because May 1st is a holiday.

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