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2 to 3(morning) June

Since Jer was high on the idea of tennis, he woke up early to play tennis with Brandon at 8am at Tennis Henry de Montherlant.

I originally had the day off but went into work for the day.

After tennis, Jer went out to pick up Nick at CDG around noon. Nick was on his way back to the US after a holiday in Europe and was able to have a long layover to visit us in Paris.

After getting back to the apartment, Jer and Nick had lunch at Cafe le Malakoff, one of our go to cafes at Trocadéro when people are in town.

After lunch Jer and Nick walked across Trocadéro and over to the Eiffel Tower then decided to keep walking all the way down to the replica Statue of Liberty then back home. It was a long walk but you get to hit a lot of sights.

The guys then relaxed after the long walk.

I finally got home from work to enjoy some wine with the guys on the terrace. We decided to go to Homies for dinner. We ended up having a late reservation (9:30) but it was totally worth it.

After dinner we walked around The Marais then over to Notre-Dame because none of us had ever been there at night before that we could remember. The cathedral is beautiful all lit up at night.

3(morning) June

Although both Nick and us were leaving today neither had a flight until the afternoon/early evening. So we found a Saturday market so that Nick could experience it. President Wilson Market, which is a short walk from our place was a perfect Parisian Sunday. We got some late breakfast pastries and some fresh made Lebanese food for lunch.

On our way home we stopped to get our normal Trocadéro selfie of course.

We ate our fresh market lunch and then back to finish packing.

We got the train to the CDG around 1:30 all together.

We said goodbye to Nick and went to our separate terminals at the airport for our next adventure.

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