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6 to 22 June

6 to 9 June

After a double visitor weekend, we are back to work and class after the Monday holiday. Jer even started his next section of French classes, A2.

The rest of the week was normal with trips to Monoprix and Jer getting a much needed haircut mid week.

10 to 11 June

We had our normal Saturday morning shopping with and extra stop at Zara for some clothing shopping.

Then early afternoon and into the early evening we met friends at Parc Monceau for a picnic. I love this parc because you can sit on the grass and the people watching is top notch.

Then on Sunday we went shopping at Beaugrenelle to try not to have to go out to La Défense all the time. It’s only a 20 minute walk across the Seine, passing mini Lady Liberty. It is nice to know that a lot of the shops at Beaugrenelle are open on Sundays.

12 to 16 June

We started off what seemed as another normal week of work and class except for Tuesday for Jer.

With starting a new level of classes that meant meeting new people in class and continuing with a few others. We decided Tuesday after class to head to L’horizon for drinks after class since it was so nice out. We ended up chatting and having fun for a few hours before we all parted ways back home.

A fun Tuesday continued then in the evening with my first football match at Stade de France since we moved. Over the weekend while we were at the parc we kind of made a last minute decision that we should try to get tickets for the match today. We had looked at this match when it was first announced but we were hoping to be in the US for my cousins wedding so we never bought them. One of Kasey’s colleagues, Nick, is as in to football as me it seems so I met him after he was done work at Etoile metro station to head out to Stade de France for the France v. England match.

After the attacks in London a few weeks ago the French made sure they stood in solidarity with the English even having everyone in the stadium sing God Save the Queen! Even though it was only a friendly both teams played strong lineups and even though the French went down to 10 men they never stopped attacking and it made for a very entertaining match. France ended up winning 3-2 and everyone left happy.


I was in Switzerland for most of the week for work. This time I went with a younger staff member to help me out because we had a lot to do. We took the train Sunday night to be able to start first thing Monday. It is a toss up in what is quicker to get to Zug, flying or train. I think it is about the same. But with the train you can get 4 hours of unconnected work time which is hard to find.

I enjoy going to Zug for work, it always looks like it fell out of a fairytale.


Our train ride to Switzerland was no issue except for the loud drunk Americans on their way to Art Basel. The week for work was productive and we made our way back to Paris Wednesday. However this time we had a small issue. The high speed train was not at the station so we took a local Swiss commuter train from Zurich to Basel. It also happened to be over 32 degree Celsius (over 90 degrees Fahrenheit). Lets just say the commuter train had no air conditioning so that we had the windows open as far as possible and I got a new wind blow hair style. After we got to Basel we switched to the high speed train and that one thank god had AC.

17 to 18 June

This weekend was a weekend of meeting up with friends.

We started the weekend with our normal Saturday morning then to Beaugrenelle for more shopping (starting to get stuff for SAF, more on that to come later).

It was also the start of the pre-soldes so we did some shoe shopping on way back plus a stop at Nespresso to restock on coffee.

Early evening we went to Jardin Tuileries to meet friends for a late picnic. I thought my picnic game was strong, well I was wrong. The food brought by the others was homemade and better than what you could ever get in the store. We also had some Brazilian and Tunisian specialties. As the sun started to set, we played some petanque. It was the perfect end to a great day.


On Sunday we met a friend from Jer’s French class, Jenny, and her boyfriend Pierre, for brunch at Zia. Friends of a friend own the place and they have been raving about it. It did not disappoint. I ate every last piece of my avocado toast with fried eggs.


We then relaxed, and tried to stay cool, for the rest of the day.

19 to 22 June

Yet another normal week of work and class except Wednesday this time.

Wednesday was Fete de la Musique which is when there is live free music all over the city throughout the night. We decided to go to Jardin du Ranelagh, which is a 10 minute walk from our place, for music with friends. The music was electronic and I think we were the oldest people there as every teenager in Paris seemed to be at the jardin that night.

We left not that late and headed to L’Aero for dinner and drinks before calling it a night.

Then we needed to start packing for Alicante on Friday.

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