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5 to 15 October

5 October

This morning I went into work, but Jer went to pick up a special visitor; my sister Jen!! After getting her luggage, and grabbing the train, Jer and Jen were back to the apartment around 2pm where they had lunch and got Jen settled.

After lunch and getting a few things done they ended up going shopping on the Champs-Élysées because Jer needed some new pants. After walking around for a while and picking up a few things they headed back to the apartment and got ready for dinner. We were especially excited about dinner tonight because it was a place we have wanted to go for a while.

Once I was done we all met for dinner at Chez Janou. Jen had found this restaurant while back and we were finally able to find time to get there.


After a wonderful dinner we stopped for our typical selfie, except this time it was in the dark.


We were back at the apartment by 11pm so we could enjoy some wine and catching up.

6 October

I went into work as usual this morning while Jer got ready to leave for Dublin later tonight for his first European work tour.

While Jer was getting ready Jen took some time exploring a few things around the city that she wanted to. Her and Jer met near Luxembourg Gardens around lunch and had fun catching up with lunch at Pomme de Pain.

After lunch they walked around the 16th a little with stops at Monoprix and Nespresso to pick a few things up that we needed in the apartment.

I came home from work a little earlier so I could see Jer before he left around 7pm for the airport and then Jen and I relaxed for the rest of the evening.

Jer made it to CDG and after a relatively short delay was on his way to Dublin. He got in around midnight and had a hotel near the airport so he could meet the team first thing in the AM. He even got a chance to watch the US beat Panama 4-0 and put themselves in good position to make the World Cup…

7 October

For more on Jer’s trip see the SJI blog with all the details.

Today Jen and I met a friend of hers for brunch at Buvette.


This evening was Nuit Blanche here in Paris and we met friends along the Seine and spent a fun night around the city.

8 October


9 to 13 October

Just another normal week in Paris. Can’t wait to see Jer inDublin this weekend!

14 October

My time joining Jer and the team on the tour is detailed at the SJI blog.

15 October

This morning after breakfast we boarded the bus around 10am and headed with the team to the Dublin Airport. After making sure they were all set with group check-in we said our goodbyes and checked in to our flights.

We had a few hours until our flights left since we were crossing the pond like the team. We sat at a nice cafe area for a while and then after having some lunch together we parted ways for our two separate flights. The reason we are taking separate flights is because I had to head to Switzerland for my normal meetings again.

Jer was back home by just after 6:00pm and I arrived in Zug around mid day.

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