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16 to 19 October

With me in Switzerland for most of the week before we headed back to The States, Jer was helping start packing stuff up and getting laundry done of course. At least I had sunsets like this to help me through the week.


Jer went back to teaching after a week off for the Ireland/Scotland trip. He did a few things after work this week including having drinks after teaching Tuesday night with one of our expat friends Jeff to talk some possible business opportunities here in Paris.

Wednesday Jer tried to have his first teaching session with a home group of 5 year olds, and lets just say he won’t be doing that again. I arrived home Wednesday night finally with some time to relax before our trip.

Thursday was another day full of laundry and packing to finish getting ready for our flight tomorrow afternoon. Jer also needed a haircut since we were headed back for a wedding, and of course a stop at Jeff de Bruges is always necessary before seeing family. Today we also got some amazing news that our friends John and Kristie had their twin boys today Connor and Jackson!

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