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18 to 24 November

18 November

Today we had our first of a few Thanksgivings this year in France. We went to our friends Lilly and Julien’s with a few others and enjoyed a great spread with duck as the main bird vs. turkey. It was also nice to catch up with quite a few people that we hadn’t seen in a while.


19 November

Today we were again catching up with people as we hadn’t seen, our friends Nick and Kristen (and of course Brooke!), for a while so we decided to get together today for a few drinks on the Seine. When we were trying to figure out where to meet we decided to have our first drinks on one of the barges (peniche) that sit along the river at Rosa Bonheur sur Seine. After some wine and catching up we headed home for dinner.

20 to 24 November

Other than a few extra trips to Monoprix than usual, since we are hosting Friendsgiving on Saturday, it was a normal week of work for both of us.


Jer did get his haircut on Thursday and unfortunately we think we lost Francois, but Patrick is doing a good job with Jer’s hair so I am going to see him on Saturday morning. We will see how it goes.

Friday it was time to pick up the turkey for Friendsgiving, and for Jer to try to get a new phone as his was broken and his contract was available for upgrade. We ordered the turkey from store called Thanksgiving over in The Marais so Jer had to lug it back across the city on the metro. As he will tell you one of the strangest things he has ever done.


Later in the evening Jer also had yet another Thanksgiving with his colleagues from work at Joe Allen.

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