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13 to 17 November

As I went through all of the corporate meetings and whatnot with the partners in Switzerland for a few days, Jer settled back in with teaching even adding some additional grading again on Wednesday at the same school.

I was back in Paris with the partners on Wednesday as we had more meetings here and a dinner with the client. Finally on Thursday we were done with the work stuff so we took the partners to our favorite Italian restaurant, Settebello, and after we even showed them our favorite Eiffel Tour spot.


Neither partner scheduled their flight back until Saturday because they wanted to use Friday to explore France. We decided to take them out to Normandy to do our “Normandy Day Trip” (copyright pending). We had a fun day, with great weather, seeing all the sights that we have become accustom to taking people to. This was also the first time we had a proper camera since going to Normandy so we even have some photos to include in our famous tour packet now!


On the way home we ran into some terrible traffic trying to go around Caen. After sitting in traffic for a while Jer was able to figure out a way around and get us back on our way. We ended up taking about 45 minutes longer than expected.

We dropped the partners off at their hotel and went to drop the car off. We had decided to meet them at a typical Lyonnaise restaurant that had been recommended to us, La Cuisiniere Lyonnaise, and arrived for dinner around 9:30pm.

After enjoying a nice long dinner and some wine we headed home around midnight as the partners had their flights home tomorrow.

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