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Une autre semaine de vacances

11 to 13 July 2016

This week is a bit weird for us. Not only are we getting back from vacation, but it is the start of a quarter review while there is also a holiday on the 14th (Bastille Day) which is Thursday. The French like to do what they call ‘bridge’ the holiday to the weekend. Making it a four day weekend if any holiday’s fall on Tuesday’s or Thursday’s.

We started this week tired from the antics of the prior week in Belgium and the Eurocup. Jer has only been home for 1 full day in over a week being that we were in Deauville the prior weekend, then he went to Milan last Tuesday, then Belgium this weekend.

What this week certainly was full of was shopping, as we decided to host a party for Bastille Day since we were told that we had a great view of the fireworks at the Eiffel tower from our Balcony.

With me being busy at work, most of the prep feel on Jer’s shoulders.

We do not know many people in Paris yet, but it seems like everyone we know is coming on Thursday as the guest list went up to 20 (but ended up with 14).

Jer and I set a menu and bar list. The one thing that sucks about not having a car, is that you can not get large amounts of anything. This left Jer doing 3 trips to Monoprix (where he checked out in a different line each time) and one to the market for produce. But all the food is in the house and Thursday morning we will run our last errands to be ready to host people Thursday night!

– Kasey

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